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UJP E-Alert Content Guildelines

UJP has two kinds of mailing lists - listservs and announcement lists.    Listservs are lists of people who mail to each other and who generally have to subscribe to join.   Announcement lists are e-alert or newsletter lists; they have an unsubscribe link at the bottom.   This article is about announcement lists.     If you have an account on our site, go your account page and click "Manage subscriptions".   To subscribe to lists without creating an account, click here or send email to

Activists List - This list consists of those who show interest in engaging with UJP.   They have attended a strategy conference, are the UJP rep of their peace and justice or community group, are on the planning committee, former steering committee, pressure congress, or community education lists, are an active member of a task force, or signed up on the web site.   Mail is marked "[UJP Activist]". 

Criteria - We will mail to the activists list:

  • any activity or project that has been endorsed by the UJP planning committee or strategy conference
  • UFPJ action alerts
  • any activity or project whose primary sponsor is a UJP member group, if submitted (i.e. we're not going to hunt down member groups to find out what they are doing)
  • any other material directed by the planning committe
  • If and when we can develop a weekly events email based on the web site calendar, we would also send this out the announcement list (and to anybody else who requests it)

Material should posted on the web site first by the submitter, unless it's a serious rush.   The actual mailing will be done by the site administrator or the OOC.   Email the site administrator to request your message to be e-mailed.

We aim to mail to this list about 3-5 times a week.    As the volume grows, we will consolidate several items into one mailing.

Announcement list - This is our broadest list.   It consists of people who signed up at demonstrations in the past and other sources.   The goal for this list is a newsletter every 1-2 weeks.

The type of message we send to the announcement list is an action alert.    An action alert takes a political position on an urgent issue and contains an action request.   Its purpose is to mobilize our broadest base to take action - attend a demonstration, sign an online petition, give a donation, call a Congressperson, etc.   Mail is marked "[UJP]".

Criteria - We will mail to the announcements list:

  • Action alerts written by the UJP planning committee or a UJP campaign or project.   
  • UFPJ action alerts - generally these come out once a month or so
  • Any other material directed by the planning committee

Notices of indoor events are almost never appropriate for the announcement list.

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