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Negotiations, not Cold War, to Resolve Ukraine Crisis

Massachusetts Peace Action Statement

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Statement on the Boston Marathon Bombing

Faith Madzar
Faith Madzar at Natick prayer vigil April 17. Metrowest Daily News photo


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Festival Highlights Call to Close Nuclear Plants, Abolish Weapons

Hundreds of people of all ages gathered at Copley Square on Saturday, July 16 to back the call for a nuclear-free future.

They reflected and cheered as Harvey Wasserman, Randy Kehler, Anna Baker, and Brian Corr delivered their powerful and informative messages.

They listened, danced and applauded as Public Interest, John Loretz and Martin Hunter, Rutsubo Taiko drummers, and the Japanese theater students' group performed their moving and inspiring music and dance.
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What Do the Candidates for Mayor Have to Say About Peace Issues?

Just in time for tonight's first debate among Boston's mayoral candidates...

Mayors for PeaceCheck out Mass Peace Action's new voter guide!

Click here to download a one-page .pdf with the candidates' positions on three peace issues that have local implications.

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Remembering Senator Kennedy's Work for Peace

Massachusetts Peace Action Fondly Remembers
Senator Edward Kennedy –

A Leader of the Nuclear Freeze &
Prominent Advocate for Peace

[Please comment below - Ed.]

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Hundreds Attend National Counter Recruitment Conference

Stopping War Where It Startsby Emily Pistell, Randy Forsberg Intern
Mass Peace Action Education Fund

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Senate Votes to Cut F-22 Spending

Yesterday, Tuesday July 21st, the Senate voted, with a tally of 58-40, to cut $1.75 billion in wasteful spending on F-22 fighter jets from the Defense Authorization Bill. This is a significant victory and one which could not have been reached without the help of those who wrote, called, emailed and faxed their senators refusing to put this issue to rest. Even our own Senator Kerry, who was expected to vote for the spending had a surprising and welcome change of heart and ultimately voted for the McCain/Levin amendment to cut the F-22 funds. Due to his health challenges, Senator Kennedy was not present to vote. The full roll call can be found here: A big thanks to everyone who worked to put pressure on Congress to defeat this unnecessary and inhumane weapons system.

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Jobs and F-22 Jets: Myth vs. Fact

Lockheed Martin lobbyists have stressed and claimed loss of jobs, especially “union jobs,” and national security needs, to justify purchasing additional F-22 fighters, even though the Pentagon leadership insists we do not need, and should not buy them. This argument is based on several myths. The public and Members of Congress should have the facts. Compiled below are some of the central myths contributing to the continued purchase of F-22 fighters, along with the facts, which demonstrate why they are not essential to preserve jobs in the current economy.

MYTH – At a time of high unemployment and with the current recession, ending F-22 production prematurely would cost the jobs of too many American workers.

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Cello Music for Peace

This past Wednesday, July 15th, more than forty members of Mass Peace Action and fellow peace activists came together at the home of Susan Leeman for a night of cello music to benefit the Massachusetts Education Fund. Before the perfomances commenced, the crowd was introduced to theMass Peace Action’s two summer interns, Emily Pistell and Lauren Shapiro, two local college students who have been contributing their time and skills to Mass Peace Action with support from the Randy Forsberg Memorial Fund and the Ruth Schocken Internship Scholarship Fund.

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Walking Away From War: An Iraq Veteran in Massachusetts

"If I am saying no to war, I want to find out what to say yes to."

  These are the words of Josh Steiber who, at 21 years old, has undertaken a journey of self-discovery that has led him from a tour of duty in the Iraq "surge" to walking the streets of America in search of peace. 

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Six Mass Reps Support War Supplemental, Four Oppose

Dropping $Billion Bombs on IraqMassachusetts peace activists have been making many calls to Congress these days, urging our delegation to oppose the $100+ billion supplemental spending bill, which included $80 billion to continue the already costly, deadly, and disastrous U.S.

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"Faces of Remembrance" Should Remind Us to End the Wars

Operation: Home Ties' "Faces of Rememberance"
When: June 11-19, 2009 during regular operating hours
Where: Doric Hall of the State House, Second Floor

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5,000 U.S. Troop Deaths in Iraq & Afghanistan


From, June 2, 2009:
Grim Milestone: 5,000 GIs Dead in Iraq, Afghanistan Wars

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