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Vigils: What Are They Good For?

Carol CoakleyRecently a young woman walked by our vigil and stopped when she saw our "No War on Iran" signs.  She was so surprised and so pleased, she said, "I'm Iranian!"  She told us that her husband is also; he has lived here in America since he was very young and is a citizen of the U.S.

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Voice your priorities

MetroWest Daily NewsSep 25, 2011

Carol CoakleySen. Kyl will walk if military cuts are on the table. Rep. Boehner draws a 'no tax' line.

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Statement on Verizon Strike

United for Justice with Peace whole-heartedly supports the striking Verizon workers.  As we advocate for peace, we know there will be no peace without justice.  We support collective bargaining and the unions' right to strike when negotiations break down.  

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Mass. Democrats Call for Swift Afghanistan Exit

The Massachusetts State Democratic Party passed the following resolution by voice vote at its convention in Lowell on June 4.   It also passed resolutions on The People's Budget, green jobs, single payer health care, and called for a constitutional amendment asserting that corporations are not people.

In Support: Getting out of Afghanistan

For the Consideration of a vote by the State Democratic Committee of Massachusetts

WHEREAS, The war in Afghanistan has been waged for nearly a decade, and has become the longest war in United States history; and

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Cape Codders for Peace and Justice, etc. - Delahunt

Diane Turco and other activists meet with Delahunt Jan. 12, 2010 - indicates support for Obama in surge and funding. Agreed to public conference on Afghanistan sometime in March.

Details to follow.

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