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Drone Protest at Park Street

A dozen activists braved the cold on the Boston Common March 21, 2015 to raise their voices against US drone warfare, on the 12th anniversary of the US invasion of Iraq, as part of the nation-wide "Spring Rising." 

They held photos of victims of drone attacks and told the stories of civilians caught up in a worldwide conflict with highly imprecise weapons. 

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Our message against FGM reaches millions in Mali

Dear friends of Healthy Tomorrow and Sini Sanuman,

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No Drones at Honk! Fest

The Eastern Massachusetts Anti-Drones Network marched in the Honk Fest parade Sunday, October 12, with about 15 people, signs and our drone replica.  The Honk Fest brings together activist marching bands from far and wide and the parade includes bands as well as groups supporting various progressive causes.  We got a good reception from the many people watching the parade, with only a couple of negative reactions.

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Fasting in solidarity with Guantanamo hunger strikers

I have been fasting in solidarity with the hunger strikers at the detention center at Guantanamo every Friday since April 25, along with at least 47 others around the country.  Witness Against Torture in Washington is organizing the fast.  

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Testimony for the Drone Privacy Act

Testimony presented at State House Hearing on the Drone Privacy Act, March 5, 2014

Susan McLucasI am Susan McLucas and I’m a member of the Eastern Massachusetts Anti-Drones Network.  We support the Drone Privacy Act.

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Anti-drone song and chants

Anti-Drone Songs and Chants

submitted by Susan McLucas  

"Over the Rainbow", Drone version

Somewhere over the rainbow, drones fly by                            
Raining death and destruction out of the clear blue sky.

Somewhere inside a bunker, men fly drones.                        
They kill helpless civilians all without leaving home.

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Close Down Guantanamo!

Susan McLucasI have just finished a 4-day fast in solidarity with the hunger strikers at Guantanamo, who are in their 7th week with no food, protesting their indefinite detention and brutal treatment.  People all around the country have fasted, many for a whole week, organized by Witness Against Torture (  We need to get the word out about the hunger strike and the urgent need to close down Guantanamo.  Please do what you

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Fast in Solidarity with Guantanamo Hunger Strikers

Anti-FGM news from Mali - One more prominent exciser decides to stop

Susan McLucasDear friends of Healthy Tomorrow and Sini Sanuman,

Our work against female genital mutilation (FGM) in Mali is continuing, in spite of the March coup over there.

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Coup in Mali affects work of Sini Sanuman

Susan McLucasIt's been a very difficult time in Mali recently.  The work of Sini Sanuman, stopping female genital mutilation, has been somewhat slowed down by a military coup d'etat in mid March, led by Captain Amadou Sanogo, and other junior officers and soldiers who were very upset by the government's ineffective response to rebels in the north, many of them Tuaregs, a distinct ethnic group, who want

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No Cheers for Assassination

Working to free girls from female genital mutilation (FGM) or excision!

News from Healthy Tomorrow and Sini Sanuman in Mali                   February 2011

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Protesters Demand Freedom for Bradley Manning

Our sixth day of activities to end indefinite detention, Monday, January 17, focused on Bradley Manning, the alleged source of many of the materials WikiLeaks has been releasing to the press about the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. We started the day with a protest at the FBI building, where we had a few of us in jump suits holding banners and a larger group o f about 100 activists, many with signs saying “I am Bradley Manning” and with masks that they could hold up to their faces. So we had a sea of Bradley Mannings.

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300 Protest 20 Years of War on Iraq

Saturday, January 15, our fifth day of actions to shut down Guantanamo, etc, began with a rally at the White House marking 20 years of war on Iraq. We were around 300 people, with some of us in jump suits and hoods. Speakers quoted from Dr Martin Luther King and told stories of the detainees and the struggle to free them, or charge and try those who are guilty of some crime. I had a conversation with one of the police that indicated that he was moved by our actions and wished us well. From there we went to a teach-in at a nearby church.
At the gathering, we watched a heart-br

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Guantanamo Protestors Lobby Sen. Scott Brown's office

The fourth day of our activities in Washington to close Guantanamo, Friday, January 14, began with a vigil outside the White House, followed by lobbying. We joined the Catholic Workers at noon on Fridays in a vigil which has been going on for years. In the afternoon, we visited Congress. I joined a group of 6 others from Massachusetts, mostly western MA, at a meeting with two staffers from Senator Scott Brown’s office. Neither Senator Kerry’s nor Rep Michael Capuano’s staffers who dealt with those issues were available today, but we did drop off some materials for Senator Kerry.

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