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Afghanistan, a Poem

Here is a poem from my guest and great friend, cohort, partner in crime, and all-around good egg, Geraldine Torf.

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What Makes Great Art Great?

Don't Underestimate the Power of Agression

When we ask people all over the globe for their highest values we will always find two at the top. The first is God, or a higher power. That makes sense; humans have held up under extreme adversity, violence, and degradation with the belief that God (or a higher power) will see them through, but,  if not, that they will be rewarded with everlasting life in a higher state of being. But let us look at a strange point to the contrary.

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Deeper into the Death Penalty

When Simon Raised an Eyebrow

Do We Really Want to be Number One?

Measure for Measure

The Tyranny of Manners

Feeling Confined Lately?

Will You be Voted off the Island?

Revealing the Truth about Revealing the Truth

Consumer Subjects Deconstructed

The End of Humanism?

Back to Feudalism?

Have you got your tunic on? Plow hitched to your ox? No?
Maybe you are lucky enough to be a baron or clergyman. Or maybe even luckier. Maybe your a lord.

In feudal times, also called The Middle Ages, land management was in the control of lords, who divided their vast holdings into parcels, or fiefs, and put local barons in charge of them. Barons held local power but still held loyalty, or fealty, to the lords.

The church was the other great governing body, and it held and divided great plots of land.

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Something is In the Air

In chapter 4 of Flaubert's great novel, Sentimental Education, the protagonist, Frederic Moreau, describes the scene in the Rue Saint-Jacques in September, 1840:

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