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The Professor & the President: Who’s the Bully?

Can the US Keep the Water Flowing?

Long in the making, the water crisis in Detroit—with hundreds of thousands having their water supply threatened—has rightfully focused national and global attention on an ongoing human rights violation in the United States.

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Losing Today, Winning Tomorrow? South Africa Set to Re-elect the Party of Mandela

PORT ELIZABETH, SOUTH AFRICA—What’s  the left to do? On May 8th, the world will awake to read that South Africa’s ruling African National Congress (ANC), the party of Mandela, has won 3 out of 5 votes in the country’s elections; they will also read that just over 1 out of 5 votes went to the Democratic Alliance (DA) that draws much of its support from the white minority.

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“The Indispensable One” - New York’s Brecht Forum

Suren MoodliarIn mid-April, Vijay Prashad, sentinel thinker of the Global South, paused after returning to Beirut from the Bekaa Valley. Focusing away from his surroundings and momentarily halting his ongoing commentary on the Indian elections to his East, Prashad gazed west to New York City. “I can’t believe the news I just heard.

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Do We Care Too Much?

Suren MoodliarDavid Graeber answers the provocative title question affirmatively in a recent Guardian op-ed, “Caring too much. That's the curse of the working classes” (3/26/2014).

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Salvadoran Democracy Surges with ex-Guerrillas’ Election

President-elect Salvador Sánchez Cerén’s victory in El Salvador’s tightly contested election last week is an important milestone in democratization of El Salvador. It is also another chapter in the remaking of Latin America, from the bottom - led by poor, rural, and indigenous people.

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No Middle Road on Venezuela: Recommendations for the U.S. Left

Suren MoodliarFor those of us inspired by mass mobilizations in Egypt's Tahrir Square, Turkey's Gezi Park, Greece's Syntagma Square, Spain's Plaza del Sol, and even our "own" Zuccotti Park, it is easy for protests in Venezuela to evoke the same emotions.

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Mandela's Dilemmas are Ours, but He Leaves His Example

Connecting the Dots? Activism in the Age of Ubiquitous Surveillance

Their Mandela and ours

Suren MoodliarNinety-five and infirm, his Rainbow Nation not yet ready to relieve him of duty, Nelson Mandela remains a towering presence on a world stage largely bereft of national leaders equal to the challenges of our time. So it is that South Africa’s hero is celebrated by many far removed from his struggle and especially by those lacking his virtues.

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Suren MoodliarFormer Mass. Global Action board member and Boston resident, Kaveri Rajaraman, was arrested in Bangalore, India, on Saturday Jan. 19, while trying to protest the bulldozing of a low-income community. Along her 20 other activists and residents of the community, including toddlers, were put in custody. They were all released on bail on Sun Jan 20.

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"Secure Communities" Undermines Us All

Suren MoodliarFor a time, most Americans believed theirs to be a liberal democratic republic respectful of individual freedoms, and many including some with authority, behaved as if it were. As long as there was a separation of powers—the federal authority limited by the power of states, while itself divided by across executive, judicial and legislative branches, and big business balanced by government regulation—it was believed that space exists for individual freedom.

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encuentro 5 is in Transition; Shape what Comes Next!

Suren Moodliarencuentro 5 is transitioning to a new place! The timing is not of our choice. The success of the transition, the centrality of the new location, and e5's continuing value to the progressive community are all up to you!

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Libya: Military Intervention Thwarts Humanitarian Objectives

Suren MoodliarMany years ago, in a situation that still produces much pain, close friends were thinking through treatment for their gravely ill child. They had exhausted conventional and experimental therapies; their doctors were urging them to do what they could to make their son feel comfortable and loved. Then, suddenly, after years of suffering, our friends had smiles on their faces. A cure was available!

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