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Days flying by in the West Bank

Libya: Military Intervention Thwarts Humanitarian Objectives

Suren MoodliarMany years ago, in a situation that still produces much pain, close friends were thinking through treatment for their gravely ill child. They had exhausted conventional and experimental therapies; their doctors were urging them to do what they could to make their son feel comfortable and loved. Then, suddenly, after years of suffering, our friends had smiles on their faces. A cure was available!

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Wanted: Administrative Writer

Wanted: Administrative Writing and Communications Lefty Extraordinaire!

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From Jerusalem

It is al-Quds in Arabic, Yerushalyim in Hebrew – a place much too “Holy” for its own good.

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Reflections from Behind the Wall

Challenges Facing Councilor Jackson and the residents of District 7 during the next twelve months

Dear Supporters,

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Back in Beit Ommar

Back in Beit Ommar..south of Bethlehem..First person I ran into was the head of the kindergarten where I worked some last winter...with a new 5 month old daughter! Among the most interesting developments  is the growth of a womens empowerment, as we women were celebrating International Womens Day in the Boston Public Garden with our Bring Our War $$ Home message....'Fatima' and about 19 other empowered women from Beit Ommar piled in cars driven by empowered  Israeli women on their way to Tel Aviv and the beach!

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Thousands Protest War in NYC

Antiwar Demonstration, NYC, 4-9-2011New York City, April 9 - 2 buses of anti-war activists traveled from Boston to New York yesterday to protest the US wars on Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan, and Libya.

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Here in Jerusalem

Just want to let you know that I safely and easily arrived back in Palestine.. at least East Jerusalem for now. I am glad I took the many precautions as my British friend, Gaie was questioned at the airport for more than three hours and has found her email address totally blocked after giving it to the Israeli passport control.

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Rumi's Field

“Out beyond ideas of rightdoing and wrongdoing there is a field. I’ll meet you there.”

Keeping the biggest possible picture in mind, paradoxically, may give us the best lens through which to focus clearly upon the messy details of our lives at every level—internationally, nationally, locally, even personally.

How big a picture? Try: the whole earth and everything and everyone on it, through hundreds of millions of years of time.

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Libya Conflict Highlights NATO's Imperialist Mission

Nuclear Power Crisis 2011: Citizens Appeal

Thea PanethI set my pen to paper with a heavy heart as events unfold in Japan at the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear plants.  This is the third nuclear power catastrophe since I put on a backpack and walked down the access road at the site of the proposed Seabrook Nuclear power station on April 30, 1977. 

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Dear Supporters,

Transitions in life are always difficult given the necessary changes that need to be made in order to adjust to the new realities. I am certainly going through a transition here at Hazelton and I know that the residents of District 7 are certainly going through a transition with a new District 7 City Councilor.

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Prisoners of War

[This speech was given by Chuck Turner at a forum, "Framing the Innocent", at Northeastern University Law School March 24.   Thanks to the South End News for the text.]

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Bombs Away Over Libya. Mission Creep and Slippery Slopes

Working to free girls from female genital mutilation (FGM) or excision!

News from Healthy Tomorrow and Sini Sanuman in Mali                   February 2011

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