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Third in a series of articles on Economic Rights

Justice Louis D. Brandeis, former Justice of the US Supreme Court tried to warn us almost 70 years ago of the dangers we are facing today when he said, “We may have democracy, or we may have wealth concentrated in the hands of the few, but we cannot have both.” (Labor, October 14, 1941)

The cruel irony, from my vantage point, is that the root of the problem was and continues to be the Supreme Law of the Land, the Constitution, that Brandeis and his fellow justices were appointed to interpret.

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Voicing Solidarity in the face of "hearings" on "Muslim terrorism"

Dear Congressman Ellison:

It is a small gesture, but we write to let you know that we stand with you in support of Muslim-Americans as you face an unfair and fear-driven assault on your civil rights. Your words ring true for us: like the isolation and imprisonment of Japanese-Americans in the 1940’s, the blacklisting of many liberal Jews in the 1950’s, and the exclusion of new immigrants in our current decade, the current assault “is contrary to the best of American values, and threatens our security….”

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Talking to Representative Barney Frank About Nationalism and Capitalism:

I have studied the abuses of capitalism and nationalism for fifty years and have written books about how to overcome these “isms”, doing research and supporting legislation that would transform capitalist markets into civil markets and empires into civil republics. I have spoken to people in the U.S. Congress about problems and solutions.

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Bring our War $$ Home on International Women's Day!

International Women's Day, Boston Common, March 5, 2011 Greater Boston Codepink and Women's International League for Peace and Freedom - Boston Branch held an International Women's Day rally yesterday to bring our war $$$ home at the Massachusetts State House. About 100 people marched through Boston Common to the bridge in the Public Garden. Pink Parasol Peace Brigade: COME ON PEOPLE, LET'S TURN THIS COUNTRY 'ROUND, STOP WAR SPENDING AND FUND JOBS NOW!

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Second in a Series of Articles on Economic Rights

Dear Supporters,

By the 1980s, it was clear to me that my goals for Black social and economic liberation could only be achieved by developing a framework of economic democracy and economic rights that would provide a foundation for the liberation of all of our citizens.

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What Makes Great Art Great?

The War at Home

When Dorchester People for Peace was founded during the run-up to the invasion of Iraq many of us understood that the war was part of a larger system of militarism, injustice and racism that undergirded the drive for empire abroad and the maintenance of privilege at home. Even so, some may have seen the phrase “War at Home” included in our original statement of purpose as metaphorical, compared with the real impending “shooting wars” in Iraq and Afghanistan. Not any longer!

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Democracy Without Economic Rights is a Tyranny of the Rich

March 3, 2011

Dear Supporters,

I have been waiting for some analyst, blogger, or columnist, etc. to draw the parallels between the millions of people demonstrating throughout the Middle East and the hundreds of thousands of people, demonstrating in the State House and streets of Madison, Wisconsin. However, I have neither seen nor heard such analysis.

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Solidarity with Wisconsin

About 2000 people joined a Solidarity with Wisconsin rally today at the state house with many brief, inspiring speakers. At right, Enid Eckstein of 1199SEIU reminds the crowd that supporting Wisconsin workers also defends the rights of all U.S. workers to collective bargaining.

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Don't Underestimate the Power of Agression

When we ask people all over the globe for their highest values we will always find two at the top. The first is God, or a higher power. That makes sense; humans have held up under extreme adversity, violence, and degradation with the belief that God (or a higher power) will see them through, but,  if not, that they will be rewarded with everlasting life in a higher state of being. But let us look at a strange point to the contrary.

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Deeper into the Death Penalty

When Simon Raised an Eyebrow

Do We Really Want to be Number One?

Measure for Measure

The Tyranny of Manners


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