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Tom Hayden Speaks on the Long War


By Duncan McFarland

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Afghanistan, Obama, the Peace Movement, and the Long War

Anti-imperialism and the cynical role of Obama/Clinton

Feeling Confined Lately?

Will You be Voted off the Island?

Revealing the Truth about Revealing the Truth

Consumer Subjects Deconstructed

The End of Humanism?

Egypt Solidarity Protest Demands Mubarak Ouster

Egypt Solidarity Protest, Copley Square, Boston, Feb 5 2011

Saturday, February 5

300 protesters thronged Copley Square today demanding the downfall of Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak and an end to U.S. aid to the Mubarak regime.

The spirited protesters sang the Egyptian national anthem, chanted, and repeatedly marched around Trinity Church chanting and singing.

photo by Sherin Shaaban

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Anti-war Movement Broadening its Base

Sarah Fuhro of MFSO and I spoke in November at a meeting of the National Lawyers Guild, Massachusetts Chapter.   The Guild followed up with a special issue of its newsletter, Mass Dissent, on War and Peace.  I wrote the following article.

Posted in Mass Dissent - February 2011

By Cole Harrison

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Hundreds Support Egypt Protests

Harvard Square-Jan. 29, 2011:
Hundreds of Egyptians and their supporters rallied and marched through Cambridge and Boston in solidarity with the anti-goverment protests in Egypt.They called for Egyptian Pres. Hosni Mubarak to resign and for freedom and democracy in Egypt; Egypt has suffered under poverty and repression in the 30 years of Mubarak's dictatorial rule.

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Compensating for Decline: Revitalizing U.S. Asia-Pacific Hegemony

Address by Dr. Joseph Gerson at the Japan Peace Conference
Sasebo, Japan Dec. 3, 2010
I want to thank the Japan Peace Committee for the opportunity to join this year’s Peace Conference. It is a privilege and a necessity to work together.
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NATO's Nuclear Doctrines: Omnicidal Weapons and "Vassal States"

Address by Joseph Gerson at the No NATO/No War Counter-Summit
Lisbon, Portugal November 19, 2010
I want to thank Reiner Braun and the planning committee for the privilege of being able to join you here in Lisbon, long a geopolitical pivot of Europe, to challenge NATO, its nuclear policies and Afghanistan war.
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Response to State of the Union

As a member of a family with a son in the military, I had my sense of reality twisted around last night by President Obama. When he finally got around to the two wars which eat up billions of our tax dollars and, which have killed and maimed thousands of our young men and women, he spoke as if they are just another wonderful American program for progress and peace. He mentioned 100,000 troops returned from Iraq, but forgot to mention the 50,000 who remain.

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