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War as Absurdity

“I’d write a letter to the editor if only I could write if only he could read” says a llittle swamp critter in one of Walk Kelly’s many hilariously funny cartoon strips.

Had Zoe Oldenburgh not died prematurely (I don’t know how old she lived to be, but her death was, like those of many other worthy people, premature), she surely would have included the Iraq/Afghanistan war in the final chapters of her book, “The March of Folly,” which covered only the Trojan Wars, World War I and the Vietnam War.

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Back to Feudalism?

Have you got your tunic on? Plow hitched to your ox? No?
Maybe you are lucky enough to be a baron or clergyman. Or maybe even luckier. Maybe your a lord.

In feudal times, also called The Middle Ages, land management was in the control of lords, who divided their vast holdings into parcels, or fiefs, and put local barons in charge of them. Barons held local power but still held loyalty, or fealty, to the lords.

The church was the other great governing body, and it held and divided great plots of land.

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Something is In the Air

In chapter 4 of Flaubert's great novel, Sentimental Education, the protagonist, Frederic Moreau, describes the scene in the Rue Saint-Jacques in September, 1840:

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Chuck Turner: Peace Movement Must Demand Economic Justice

The Raging Grannies serenade Chuck Turner at UJP conference. Boston Herald photo by Christopher Evans
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MEXICO: Days of Action, 14-19 February 2011

The continued violations of the right to freedom of association by the Mexican government must stop. The IMF, ICEM, ITF and UNI are calling on affiliates to take action from 14 to 19 February, 2011.

GLOBAL: On February 19, 2006 an explosion at Grupo México's Pasta de Conchos coal mine in the northern state of Coahuila resulted in the deaths of 65 miners.

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The Power of Nonviolence

Dr. Martin Luther King had a dream that was supported by a movement of nonviolence. I would humbly like to propose that if women promote a movement of nonviolence, you will set in motion a movement that will capture the world’s attention.

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Global space weapons network sets Andover conference

The Global Network Against Weapons and Nuclear Power in Space will hold its 19th annual conference in  North Andover, MA, June 17-19.

"Keep Space for Peace!" is the mobilizing slogan of the network.   The GN was founded in 1992 by the joint efforts of the Florida Coalition for Peace & Justice (FCPJ); Citizens for Peace in Space (Colorado Springs); and New York-based Journalism professor Karl Grossman. The inaugural meeting of the Global Network (GN) was held in Washington D.C. City Council Chambers.

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Protesters Demand Freedom for Bradley Manning

Our sixth day of activities to end indefinite detention, Monday, January 17, focused on Bradley Manning, the alleged source of many of the materials WikiLeaks has been releasing to the press about the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. We started the day with a protest at the FBI building, where we had a few of us in jump suits holding banners and a larger group o f about 100 activists, many with signs saying “I am Bradley Manning” and with masks that they could hold up to their faces. So we had a sea of Bradley Mannings.

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300 Protest 20 Years of War on Iraq

Saturday, January 15, our fifth day of actions to shut down Guantanamo, etc, began with a rally at the White House marking 20 years of war on Iraq. We were around 300 people, with some of us in jump suits and hoods. Speakers quoted from Dr Martin Luther King and told stories of the detainees and the struggle to free them, or charge and try those who are guilty of some crime. I had a conversation with one of the police that indicated that he was moved by our actions and wished us well. From there we went to a teach-in at a nearby church.
At the gathering, we watched a heart-br

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Guantanamo Protestors Lobby Sen. Scott Brown's office

The fourth day of our activities in Washington to close Guantanamo, Friday, January 14, began with a vigil outside the White House, followed by lobbying. We joined the Catholic Workers at noon on Fridays in a vigil which has been going on for years. In the afternoon, we visited Congress. I joined a group of 6 others from Massachusetts, mostly western MA, at a meeting with two staffers from Senator Scott Brown’s office. Neither Senator Kerry’s nor Rep Michael Capuano’s staffers who dealt with those issues were available today, but we did drop off some materials for Senator Kerry.

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Report from Guantanamo Protests in DC

January 12, the second day of our actions in DC to close Guantanamo started with a panel discussion of the situation at Guantanamo and prospects for improving it. The speakers were Andy Worthington, who directed the movie Outside the Law: Stories from Guantanamo, Juan Mendez, the UN rapporteur on torture and Leili Kashani, a lawyer with the Center for Constitutional Rights. The panel began with an excerpt from the film Outside the Law and then Andy Worthington spoke.

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Global Governance

Global Governance

New technology will shape the world’s future and we need to be ready for it. Wikileaks is the beginning of an age of increasing transparency around the globe. The creation of WMDs in physics, chemistry and biology shows an increasing danger to big nations like us.

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Washington Diary

Palestinian Rights and anti-war Actions on New Year's Eve

by Michael Borkson - Indymedia Boston

Boston, Mass.- Dec. 31, 2010
Anti-war and Palestine activists held actions during Boston's First Night/New Years Eve 2011 festivities.

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Boston Support Action For Anti-War Veterans' DC Protest

by Michael Borkson, Indymedia Boston

Boston, Mass. Dec. 16, 2010:
About 25 peace activists staged a picket and speakout in front of the JFK Federal Building in Boston to support anti-war veterans staging a mass civil disobedience in front of the White House in Wash. DC.

As a picket line paced the sidewalk under the watch of 2 Boston cops, speakers talked of the quagmire of the Afghan and Iraq wars-the cost in deaths of thousands of people, both civilian and military, as well as the destruction of social welfare and the economy at home.

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