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Veterans for Peace at Boston Veterans Day Parade

by Michael Borkson - Boston, November 11, 2010

About 75 members of Boston's Smedley Butler Brigade of Veterans For Peace and anti-war supporters marched behind the Veterans Day Parade this year.   The march went from Boston Common to Government Center and then to a VFP speakout outside Faneuil Hall. The theme this year was "How is the war economy working for you?" 

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Hi, all UJP members.

As a graduate of a Quaker college (Swarthmore) and long-term peace activist, I have recently established, with the help of my friends, a blog and monthly newsletter that have, I hope, some useful elements for the promotion of peace, including a child and youth peace corner.

The blog has several specific purposes:

1. Promote optimism concerning the possibility of peace

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9th Anniv. Of Afghan War Protest-Street Theater

by Michael Borkson - Indymedia Boston

Boston, Mass.-Oct. 9, 2010:

Peace activists staged a mock drone attack/die-in to protest the 9th anniversary of the US war on Afghanistan. On Boston Common, sponsored by Massachusetts Peace Action, UJP Afghanistan/ Pakistan Task Force, and the Committee For Peace and Human Rights.

from the event leaflet-- 
Imagine that a Drone Just Fired a Missile at You:

On the 9th Anniversary of the War in Afghanistan:

The CIA and US Air Force use drones -- unmanned aircraft — for surveillance, bombings, and assassinations in Afghanistan and Pakistan. They are flown remotely by pilots in Nevada and Langley, VA.

Drones are devastating! In Pakistan alone, estimates are that 700 civilians were killed in 2009 and that for every militant killed, 10 innocent people die. These deaths fuel anti-American sentiments and turn citizens into terrorists.

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Supporting Peace with Justice in the Middle East

Direct Contact in the Context of “Direct Talks”

by Steven and Linda Brion-Meisels
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O'Leary, D'Alessandro Feature Antiwar Message in Primary Fights

In the two contested Democratic primaries for U.S. House of Representatives seats in Massachusetts, challengers are emphasizing similar antiwar messages in their attempt to win nominations September 14.

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CAMERA doth protest too much re its role in Boston anti-mosque campaign

Yesterday CAMERA's Dexter van Zile responded to my previous post, which was cross-posted at Mondoweisscritiquing the Israel lobby organization.  My response:
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Confronting military recruiters in Boston

Some of us who attend the weekly sat. peace vigil at Park Street in Boston heard from a passerby that the National Guard was staging a recruiting event/military display at Faneuil Hall a few blocks away. So after our vigil ended a little after 2pm, 3 of us went down to the National Guard event to protest.

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My last days in Gaza

NO electricity starting early in this morning which is a first for me hope my battery will last to cut and paste this message which I will try to send later ..the blackout periods have become more numerous and prolonged. The electricity shortage could so easily be remedied by simply increasing the fuel supply and allowing the repair of the one interior electrical plant is also critical. The entire population is punished by these dreadful blackouts,a constant and humiliating reminder to the Palestinians here of Israeli control of every minute of their lives.

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Report on the disaster in Pakistan

Flooding has already stranded 20 million people, more than 10 percent of the population. A fifth of the nation is underwater. More than 3.5 million children are in imminent danger of contracting cholera and acute diarrhea; millions more are in danger of starving if they don't get help soon. More than 1,500 have already been killed by the floods.
This is a human disaster. It's also a frightening opening for the Taliban.
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Half way through my time in Gaza

I can't believe my trip is half much is happening that a short readable email just can't convey it a few snapshots: I participated in the at the weekly Womens' protest' for our prisoners' (hundreds of women and children holding pictures of their sons, fathers, brothers and uncles held in Israeli jails) and yesterday joined the Palestinian nonviolent protest deep within the Israeli established 'bufferzone' which constitutes up to one kilometer

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Family visits and the Local Initiative

Ridgely FullerThe first days have been filled with so much..a sprinkling of meetings, two amazing evenings spent with Palestinian families who invited us to join their iftar (the evening meal which breaks the 12 hour Ramadan fast) and first trip outside of Gaza City to Beit Hanoun encompassing about 40,000 mostly farmers in the Northeastern corner of Gaza.  A most heartfelt thanks for the many responses to my first message and the questions and concerns you offered.

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Mass. Enacts "Iran Divestment" Law

So-called “IRAN DIVESTMENT” passed in the final days of Massachusetts state legislature and has been signed by Governor Patrick.  We opposed this measure not out of support for the Iranian government, but because it was one local aspect of a national (and international) campaign to raise tensions with Iran and promote a new military confrontation.  Israel’s interests are at the center of this campaign.
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Letter from Gaza

Not Sailing to Gaza - This Time!

Waiting in Beirut


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