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Departing for Beirut today


Dear Friends, 

I’m leaving for Beirut today to join the latest ships attempting to break the Israeli blockade of Gaza.   

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Solving the Israel/Palestine problem

The solution to the problem of Gaza is both simple and difficult.  Let me explain:
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Dispatch from Nepal: Interview with Comrade Gaurav

Nepal is rapidly approaching a deadline of May 28, 2010, when the tenure of its Constitutional Assembly (CA) will expire. The UCPN (Maoist) emerged as the largest single party to be voted in by the Nepali electorate in the 2008 CA elections, but they resigned from power when Prachanda, Chairman of the party, was blocked by the President in an attempt to dismiss the chief of staff of the Nepali Army for opposing greater civilian control of the army.

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Dispatch from Nepal: General strike continues

Dispatch from Nepal: Massive May Day rally and indefinite general strike

Cape Codders for Peace and Justice, etc. - Delahunt

Diane Turco and other activists meet with Delahunt Jan. 12, 2010 - indicates support for Obama in surge and funding. Agreed to public conference on Afghanistan sometime in March.

Details to follow.

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Final Days on the West Bank and in East Jersualem

 Although I  returned to the U.S. a few days ago I have been putting off this final email until I had some late news about Ryan..hopefully his release from Israeli jail....The Tuesday before I left I was able to visit with him..he was understandably quite scruffy after almost 3 weeks in jail  but quite resolved to continue challenging the legality of his imprisonment and possible deportation.Later in the day a positive verdict came from the Israeli court affirming that he could not be deported without cause ( again, no charges have ever been filed against him) so unless the Ministry of Interior requested a 'stay' by noon on Thursday Ryan's lawyer expected his release by the weekend. As it turns out Ryan remains in jail as of Monday because his passport was "lost" during his arrest and the US Embassy decided it would not spend time during the weekend to renew it.Hopefully, now that the work week has officially begun  Ryan will finally be out.

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Happier New Year from the West Bank and East Jerusalem

It seems like a long time that I have written..much of the past ten days have evolved into a familiar pattern...

*trying to help Ryan, my young activist friend  who remains in Israeli prison without any charges ,without bail being granted and without any help from the US Embassy. It is interesting that the US Consulate folks  here talk about their powerlessness while the Israeli consulate back in Boston  didn't hesitate to summon and castigate  clergy who gave sermons criticizing the assault on Gaza last year.

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Several days before Christmas in the Holy Land

 Right now I am sitting in a hostel waiting to find out what happened to the young American activist who yesterday was arrested for the third time because he has been quiet consistent witnessing  presence  at what remains of Rifka al Kurds home in the Sheikh Jarrah neighborhood of East Jerusalem.Increasingly on Fridays the young Israeli protest to the settler invasion of  Sheikh Jarrah and the Israeli armed response has grown. Last Friday 21 were arrested in what was reported to be a pretty violent crackdown.

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Prisoner Family Visits, Children's March in West Bank

Since returning to the Bethlehem area from East Jerusalem last Sunday:  three areas of meaningful involvement for me:visits to the Beit Ommar young prisoner families (often seen a gesture of respect here); working the land with Palestinians farmers and joining a childrens' solidarity march through the desert hills south of Hebron.

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 The question of divine knowledge is so deep that it is really known only to those who have it.

A child has no real knowledge of the attainments of an adult.

An ordinary adult cannot understand the attainments of a learned man.

In the same way,an educated man cannot yet understand the experience of the enlightened.

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We must not give only what we have; we must give what we are.

The perfected man has three forms of relationship with people.

They vary with the condition of the people.

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"The settlers are running the country"

 As ever there is so much to write about,but first back to part two of what I didn't include last week...

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Internationals support Palestinian fight for homes in East Jerusalem

 So much happens so quickly here that it is just very hard to keep updates going to the you all..but do know that in between these shocking adrenaline pumping events there is time for cooking Palestinian style, new and deepening friendships, walks in the villages,patting donkeys etc..not to mention heating water for washing, spending much time getting from one place to another,learning how to fix stuff and just making do is way simpler and in so many ways very grounded here....

But two items you will want to know about:

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Deeper in the muddy


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