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Outraged on Thanksgiving in Palestine

 In the four trips I have made to Palestine I really thought I had seen everything.Israeli soldier abuse,Palestinian humiliation, home demolitions,evictions,land confiscation..apparently not... I will explain...

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Fighting house occupations in the West Bank

 The last day of my week in Beit Ommar started with promise: last visit to the kindergarten and a visit to Hebron escorted by our new Palestinian English students..this would be a field trip of 'English only' as these two  university students understand pretty well but are reluctant to practice in front of the older more experienced Palestinians...

I was thrilled to visit the kindergarten and find that the teachers and children were increasingly comfortable  taking on the yoga, rhythm and 'parachute' activities I  brought with me and had  been practicing with them during the past goal was for them to  continue the routine after I left, especially if the promised translation of the program material into Arab materializes,,,

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August-November 2009 Newsletter of Merrimack Valley People for Peace

Message from Beit Ommar

Hi Folks....for the past week I have been staying in the village of Beit Ommar..south of Bethlehem.  It is one of the villages involved in the PalestineSolidarityProject and will be featured at a presentation at the First Parish Church in Cambridge this Thursday night(announcement below).. I hope you can make it.  The speaker is the wife of the Palestinian nonviolent activist Mousa abu Maria with whom I am staying..  I have attached a piece about him which Bekah, a long time activist, American Jew..and his wife published last summer.  We often hear the general American public talk about the need for Palestinian nonviolent resistance so this is a good opportunity to hear about its breadth and depth..  It  turns out that Salma.. Palestinian activist is from this village as well.

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Letter from Qalansuwa, Palestine

Right now I am staying with friends in the Israeli-Palestinian town of Qalansuwa, after traveling here via Lebanon, Syria and Jordan.  The Palestinian refugee camps in Beirut (Shatila) and farther south near Sidon (Ayn al-Helwe and Miya-Miya) are heartbreaking.  Tens of thousands of people in crowded and squalid condidtions, they are the 750,000 Palestinians forced out of Israeli territory in 1947-49 and their descendants, now totalling around 4 million people.  Though often well-educated, few of them have prospects for gainful employment outside the hope of emigration.  The poverty and hop

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Letter from the West Bank

So, the first thing to establish is that I have been in the West Bank of Palestine and East Jerusalem for about a week. Reacquainting myself on a whirlwind trip with Sabeel, with East Jerusalem, Bethlehem,Ramallah,Nablus,

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New England Peace Movement asks "Eight Years of War, How Many More?"

Video by Robert Malin V/O Tim Watts Additional Camera Paul Hubbard

On Saturday, October 17, the antiwar demonstration at Copley Square made a loud and proud statement that the peace and justice movement is alive and well!    We were joined by 40 peace actions throughout the United States yesterday and by Afghanistan-themed demonstrations and events on October 5 in Washington and on October 7 throughout the nation.

The Afghanistan war was in the forefront of everyone's minds, based on the signs, banners, tables, songs, and speeches.  By calling for "Troops Out now" we registered beyond question that there is organized opposition to this war, a movement that is determined enough to dig in for the long haul.

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Help our communities by cutting military spending by 25 percent

During the 1930s, the gangster Willie Sutton was asked by a reporter why he robbed banks. His famous reply: “Because that’s where the money is!” If we look at where the bulk of federal spending goes, it is clear that the military budget is “where the money is.”

    Dorchester People for Peace at October 13 City Council debate at UMass

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First full day in Kabul

On our first full day out into Kabul, I saw an old woman being dragged across the street by two men.  One of our delegates said she thought she saw the men kick the clearly resisting woman.

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Why am I in Afghanistan?

Why am I in Afghanistan?

When many people were concerned about the Bush administration bombing another country unjustly, namely Iran, I decided I needed to go to the country to find out about this so-called “axis of evil.”

While there was much to criticize about the Iranian government, I found the people to be the most hospitable I have encountered.  I also found a lot of the demonizing of the country to be unfounded.

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Big U.S. Bases Are Part of Iraq, but a World Apart -

Published: September 8, 2009

At the height of the war, more than 300 bases were scattered across Iraq. Over the next few months, Americans hope to be at six huge bases, with 13 others being used for staging and preparing for a complete withdrawal.

Full article:

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G20 protests/ global justice movement

Labor's Stake
In the Pittsburgh
G-20 Protests

By Alan Hart
United Electrical Workers

When G-20 government leaders met in London last April, thousands of trade
unionists marched in protest. Labor organizations from over 100 countries -
including the AFL-CIO - issued a "London Declaration" that criticized the
G-20's policies for favoring multinational corporations and banks, and
demanded new economic priorities that "put people first."

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What Do the Candidates for Mayor Have to Say About Peace Issues?

Just in time for tonight's first debate among Boston's mayoral candidates...

Mayors for PeaceCheck out Mass Peace Action's new voter guide!

Click here to download a one-page .pdf with the candidates' positions on three peace issues that have local implications.

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Remembering Senator Kennedy's Work for Peace

Massachusetts Peace Action Fondly Remembers
Senator Edward Kennedy –

A Leader of the Nuclear Freeze &
Prominent Advocate for Peace

[Please comment below - Ed.]

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Merrimack Valley People for Peace Newsletter (Dec. '08 - July '09)

 This is the newsletter of Merrimack Valley People for Peace for December 2008 to July 2009. Columns include Good News, Actions, Summaries of Recent Meetings, Recent Events, Coming Events, Letters, "At the Curb" (vigil anecdotes) and membership and subscription information. The newsletter may also be downloaded directly from MVPP's website.

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