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U.S.-Gaza Convoy Stopped at Checkpoint

[Editor's Note:  Four buses carrying medical aid, US and international volunteers were stopped at the Suez Canal and prevented from crossing into the Sinai on their way to Gaza, evidently on Saturday. They were given conflicting reasons why they could not proceed to the Egypt-Gaza border checkpoint at Al Arish.  Dorchester People for Peace, Vets for Peace, and ISO, whose Boston members are part of the convoy, will hold a press conference Tuesday, 7/14, 4:30 p.m. at Park Street Station to demand the convoy be allowed to enter Gaza.]

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Viva Palestina convoy reaches Alexandria

Dear Friends,

I wish I had more time to write -- maybe I will be able later -- but I wanted to send a brief update now, as I have internet capability her in Alexandria. Let me explain.

Most of the Convoy participants gathered n NYC on July 3, the majority flying out together on July 4 and 5, but with many others -- including me -- having made other arrangements to get to Cairo from various parts of the US, Europe and the Middle East.  The group is very impressive  -- about 250 people all told -- led by British MP George Galloway and some of his staffers, plus a variety of organizers from around the US -- including a young Iranian-American woman named Fatima from Idaho(!) and many Palestinian-Americans.

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Walking Away From War: An Iraq Veteran in Massachusetts

"If I am saying no to war, I want to find out what to say yes to."

  These are the words of Josh Steiber who, at 21 years old, has undertaken a journey of self-discovery that has led him from a tour of duty in the Iraq "surge" to walking the streets of America in search of peace. 

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Six Mass Reps Support War Supplemental, Four Oppose

Dropping $Billion Bombs on IraqMassachusetts peace activists have been making many calls to Congress these days, urging our delegation to oppose the $100+ billion supplemental spending bill, which included $80 billion to continue the already costly, deadly, and disastrous U.S.

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"Faces of Remembrance" Should Remind Us to End the Wars

Operation: Home Ties' "Faces of Rememberance"
When: June 11-19, 2009 during regular operating hours
Where: Doric Hall of the State House, Second Floor

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5,000 U.S. Troop Deaths in Iraq & Afghanistan


From, June 2, 2009:
Grim Milestone: 5,000 GIs Dead in Iraq, Afghanistan Wars

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Military Spending is Killing U.S.

 ARLINGTON, MASS. - At this time of year, as we submitted our tax returns, we felt it was ever more important to pay close attention to where so many of our tax dollars were going. We write this to highlight concerns about the escalating U.S. wars in Afghanistan and Pakistan, as well as the continuing conflict in Iraq. The United States is militarily involved in each country in different ways.

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Afghanistan: Obama's Vietnam or Ours?

AS the obama administration begins to deploy its troop surge in Afghanistan, the antiware omvement must wrestle with the question: will Afghanistan become Obama's Vietnam--a third world quagmire that sinks the American military into the quicksand of endless war and dwindling resources--or will the resemblance to Vietnam come from the increasing mobilization and effectiveness of the anti-war movement, who as in Vietnam, were able to convince a majority of Americans that the war is immoral, enormously destructive, and antithetical to any notions of peace and justice that Americans supposedly

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Afghanistan discussion

Last night Paul Fitzgerald and Liz Gould, authors of the new book Afghanistan's Untold Story, led an energetic, discussion of peace movement policy in the Afghanistan war on behalf of the UJP Afghanistan Task Force.

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What's a Blog?

What in the world is a Blog anyway? This video from CommonCraft provides a good summary of the phenomenon.

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Something to say

Obama is president and he has not stopped the war yet

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Message from the West: PM Haniyeh

Message from the West: PM Haniyeh - My Message to the West By Prime Minister Islami Haniyeh - Gaza January 15, 2009 http://www.palestin echronicle. com/view_ article_details. php?id679 [UJP Articles]


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Fourscore and seven years ago.
The quick brown fox.

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First blog post

I am going to blog this page to death
The train is a bit noisy

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