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Join a UJP Campaign


UJP's top priority this year is to end the Iraq occupation and bring the troops home to a society that works for everyone.

Our campaign is part of a national effort by United for Peace and Justice. Together we can really affect the war. UJP recognizes that while working on Iraq is central, we must also expose and end the racism and economic exploitation behind the occupation. We are committed to building a peace and justice movement that works across many diverse populations and issues. We have formed a working group to frame our messages so that they more effectively reflect these values and goals. For more information call the UJP office at 617-491-4857.

The Iraq campaign has three parts: counter-recruitment, bringing the troops home now, and cutting war funds while funding social justice.

To join one of the Iraq Campaign working groups:

1. Counter-recruitment/Educating youth about Iraq and military service: For the next meeting date , to join their listserv or for more information about the campaign, go to Contact Chad Montrie at 978-452-2653 or e-mail 

Military recruiters are turning up the heat as new enlistments are down and the Pentagon is missing its recruiting targets. In January and February, the Marines missed their goal for signing up new recruits for the first time in a decade. In February, the Army was 27% short of its goal for signing up active duty soldiers, while the Army Reserve was 26% short of its goal. Recruiters are getting more aggressive. They are in high schools, on college campuses, in malls, and in youth organizations talking to our children. And UJP is too -- exposing the truth about military service and talking about what it's really like in Iraq, working closely with students, parents, and teachers to reverse the militarization of our schools. 

2. Bring the Troops Home Now: For the next meeting date or to join their listserv, call Paul Shannon at 617-497-5273, or e-mail .  

The State-wide Iraq Referendum Campaign will place the following non-binding referendum on the November 2006 ballot in state representative districts across Massachusetts: Shall the State Representative from this district be instructed to vote in favor of a resolution calling upon the President and Congress of the United States to end the war in Iraq immediately and bring all United States military forces home from Iraq.
  The goals of the campaign are to give visibility to the issue of the war; raise awareness among Mass. residents of the costs and nature of the war; mobilize support for immediate withdrawal from Iraq; engage the media about the war; and send a strong message to the Mass. Congressional Delegation to end this war.

3. Pressure Congress: e-mail for the next meeting date or to join their listserv.

Pressure Congress to stop funding the war and bring the troops home now!!

Also see the Fund Justice, Not War Campaign: e-mail for the next meeting date or to join their listserv.  

$82 billion more for war, on top of $150 billion already spent. Record deficits. Local cuts in services. This isn't just a problem for the peace movement, it's a problem for everyone who's trying to hold our communities together. Working together will help us build a broad movement for peace and justice.

Campaign support group UJP's 2005 strategy conference encouraged UJP member groups to work on one or all of these three parts of the campaign. Our campaign support group will help you adapt the campaign to your local conditions and build a stronger local peace and justice movement.

Working on the Iraq campaign is a solid way to build up your group and develop alliances with other local organizations. We can help you figure out how. Contact Mike Prokosch at 617-282-3783 or