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Countering the Military Recruitment of Youth

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UJP Counter-Recruitment Campaign

Cutting the supply of troops: As the US military struggles to meet recruiting goals -- first in the National Guard and Marine Corps, and now in the Army and Army Reserve -- the face of the country’s war plans is changing. Through education and outreach to those targeted by military recruiters, we can directly impact the ability of the U.S. to not only maintain its current occupation of Iraq, but stifle its future deployment in other illegal and immoral conflicts throughout the world.


Educating youth and demilitarizing our schools: We need to get military recruiters out of our schools. UJP must work closely with students, parents, and teachers to reverse the militarization of our schools. Glorifying war and violence and the military as a way of life at the expense of the rest of society is wrong. Many youth choose military service as a means out of poverty--for job training, work experience, or a college education. Entering the military and risking your life and lives of others is not the only option for a job or an education. By exposing the truth about military service and offering youth other options, they can make a more informed decision about their future.

Building a movement: Students in the 1960s and 1970s faced with an illegal, immoral war -- and a draft that directly affected them and their friends -- were front and center in the anti-war movement that eventually brought the Vietnam War to an end. Today's youth are affected mostly indirectly by the war machine, and today's anti-war movement has not been student-led. It is important to engage students on this central issue, and to empower student-driven organizing against war and the militarization of our schools.

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