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Duncan McFarland writes about the peace and justice movement.

Ridgely Fuller writes about her travels in Palestine.

Kaveri Rajaraman writes about the people's struggle in Nepal.

Jeff Klein writes about Israel/Palestine solidarity.

Wright Salisbury proposes unexpected ideas.

Cole Harrison writes about building the peace movement.

Carol Coakley writes about Massachusetts politics.

Rachel Williams writes about Pakistan.

Susan McLucas writes about protesting for peace and justice.

Stuart Kurtz compares current social change problems to those in history.

Andre Sheldon advocates global unity through an overt exhibit of nonviolence, as an illustration for the children and history, led by women in the first stage, to stop war and change from military spending to humanitarian spending. His organization is the Global Strategy of Nonviolence.

Michael Borkson reports on antiwar demonstrations in Boston with photos and video.

Steven Brion-Meisels writes on reconciliation in Israel/Palestine as well as other topics.

Former Boston City Councilor Chuck Turner writes on economic democracy.

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