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Standard Operating Procedures for UJP Finances


Planning Group Policy
Purpose: these procedures will support implementation of the principles, goals and program of the UJP coalition from the perspective of finances:  1) the proper handling of funds, 2) information to inform the membership and decision making bodies as to the financial situation of UJP, 3) preparation of an annual budget and quarterly reports, 4) compliance with IRS regulations.  Note: these procedures will assist but are separate from the fundraising function.
Finance Committee and officer: The UJP planning group has responsibility for UJP coalition finances, including control and accountability.  The UJP planning group will appoint an administrative committee as a standing committee of UJP; it will consist of a Treasurer and one or two additional members.   The administrative committee will implement the financial work.   This committee will manage the checking account, pay bills and make deposits.  An online ledger will be maintained along with appropriate hard copy files.  The committee will prepare an annual budget to be presented at a January meeting of the planning group and made available at the next strategy meeting.  Quarterly reports on finances and the budget will be made to the planning group and made available to the strategy meeting.
Regarding legal status, UJP is organized as an unincorporated association, a form of business which annually files form 1120 with the IRS.  Normally the finance committee will employ a professional tax consultant to file the form.   UJP is not a nonprofit or 501(c)3.
UJP working groups:   Major project expenses (more than $100) must be presented to the planning group for approval prior to financial commitment and subsequent transactions reported promptly.  If a UJP task force, working group or committee needs to operate its own checking account,  it will be a subsidiary account of the UJP general account.  There must be prior authorization from the UJP planning group, with agreed upon reporting structure; there may be a subsidiary budget separate from the general budget.  Another option is that UJP bodies may raise their own funds which are put in the general account and earmarked.  These measures ensure financial control and proper tax accounting.
Income and expenses:  UJP raises money from the sustainer program, fundraising mailings, fundraising programs, and donations.    Fixed expenses are rent, telephone, post office box, dues, printing the UJP brochure, office supplies and misc. overhead.   Optional expenses include support for peace and justice projects and organizations.  Priority will be given to supporting UJP organizing efforts and member organizations.
                        Approved at the planning group meeting of February 24, 2010