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Think Outside the Bomb National Youth Tour comes to Boston!

When: Thursday, May 6, 2010, 3:00 pm to 5:00 pm
Where: Lucy Parsons Center • 549 Columbus Avenue • Boston

Think Outside the BombThe Think Outside the Bomb National Youth Network is coming to Boston as part of its 40+ city tour of the USA beginning at Non-Proliferation Treaty Review Conference and culminating at a New Mexico Convergence in August. The tour will be a rad space with a focus on collective liberation. Each stop will be unique to that community but will include: speakers, addressing issues relevant to that community, trainings, education, exchanges of ideas, live music, and a traveling photo/art exhibit that will show the horrors of and resistance to nuclearism. The tour will also feature a free cafe!

 Think Outside the Bomb (TOTB) is a national network of youth organizers and activists working for nuclear abolition. We are currently working to build resistance to the United States nuclear weapons arsenal, the nuclear industrial complex, and the nuclear power sector. We wish to work with groups anywhere and of any kind that are working for social and environmental justice: the peace movement, labor struggles, anti-globalization, anti-oppression (including feminist groups, LGBTQI groups, people of color, indigenous communities, etc), environmentalist groups, anti-authoritarian and anti-hierarchical groups, and so forth.

We see our work as intersecting with all stripes of activists, and put much value on forming a multi-generational struggle through which we can share knowledge, experience, and energy. 

Our network, formed in 2005, has held a number of national conferences. In 2010, we are shifting our focus to be action oriented. In February, we are hosting a training for organizers and activists. We will hold several regional conferences in 2010, including Idaho and Chicago in the spring. May-August, we will embark on a national tour to build contacts and solidarity with communities and organizations across the country. We will hold an action camp at the end of July/beginning of August.

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Think Outside the Bomb National Tour

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