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Order UJP Merchandise!

UJP distributes a selection of merchandise that you can use to promote the cause of peace and justice.

Afghanistan Poster - with attractive Stop the Afghanistan War message, suitable for vigils, demonstrations, or window posting.   $3 for a double sided sign mounted on a stick, $1 for a single sided sign.

Ending the US War in Afghanistan: A Primer  - a pocket sized, 214 page book by David Wildman and Phyllis Bennis, this is the anti-Afghanistan war activist's bible.   Using a question and answer format, it conveniently organizes all the questions and issues that come up when we discuss the war with people and contains the information you need to argue the case for withdrawal of U.S. troops.   $10.

United for Justice with Peace T-Shirts - with an attractive orange on black design, allows you to wear your message of peace and justice.    Specify size.  $10.

Save our Libraries, Schools and Jobs - Cut the Military Budget 25% - lawn sign with metal stand - see photo.   $5 from Dorchester People for Peace.

Use our online store payment page to securely pay for UJP merchandise, mail payment to UJP, 2161 Massachusetts Avenue, Cambridge, MA 02140.    Questions?   Write or call 617-383-4UJP.