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Energizing the anti-Afghanistan War movement

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Energizing the anti-Afghanistan War movement

52% of Americans think the Afghanistan war has not been worth fighting.  Those numbers rise to 60% among young adults, 65% among non-whites, and 66% among those who voted for Obama in 2008.  While 56% of the population approves of Obama's handling of the war, only 34% of Democrats do so, vs. 59% of Democrats who approve his overall handling of his job. 

These are large numbers, and there should be huge opportunities to galvanize these sentiments into effective protests.   Yet our demonstrations draw the hard core peace activists rather than the broader public.  

Congressional measures to constrain the war remain anemic.  There are 94 cosponsors in the House for a bill requiring the President to set an exit timeline, but that's only 22% of the Members.

What's wrong with this picture?   

What should we do to energize the anti-Afghanistan war movement?

- Keep holding public protests, hoping they will gradually grow into a mass movement?

- Emphasize the costs of the war and their impact on jobs, education, housing and the environment?

- Educational projects to make Americans more familiar with the issues in Afghanistan and more confident with taking a stand?