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Impressions of US Social Forum in Detroit

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Impressions of US Social Forum in Detroit
Fifteen thousand mostly left activists, large numbers of youth and people of color, crackling with energy, drumming circles, talking circles, big puppets, literature tables, unusual outfits, artistic posters and T-shirts -- "this is what democracy looks like."  What's not exhilarating, or not to love?  But in the midst of this huge dose of vibrancy and life, where is the coherence and how does it keep going after everyone goes home?
Peace events: Afghanistan workshop -- many new people learning about the war, things are turning around and now moving in our favor. UFPJ revival: well attended with good spirit, 300-400 organizations still involved, but need volunteers to make it work.  "Move the Money" from the military budget to communities and human needs -- lots of ongoing work and contact points from local groups to cities, national think tanks and Congress -- how will it all come together to get the clout to actually cut the military budget?  So many workshops I did not attend; I hope to hear about them.

Looking ahead: One Nation Working Together (October 02 mobilization for in Wasington DC being organized by NAACP, SEIU and La Raza)-- can we get a couple of peace demands?  Oct. 7-10, international call for actions against Afghanistan War.  Monitor the USSF resolutions adopted at the final session, a National People's Assembly -- will they be implemented? When is the next US Social Forum -- in 3 years? Can we get better organized and still keep all the life and color?