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UJP Endorsement Policy

Adopted by the planning group, May 2010
A. Definition
Endorsement means that UJP's name can be added to a letter or petition or UJP's name can be listed as an endorser of an event.   The event will be announced to the activist list and will be given a priority listing on the web site.  Community groups will be asked, but not required, to get the word out to their contacts.
B. On-line endorsement of a noncontroversial proposal
1. Proponent sends out request to Planning group listserve
2. If no objection after a minimum of 48 hours after the proposal is sent out, the proposal is accepted.
3. If one person objects, the planning group should check to see whether the objection is blocking or stand aside.  If stand aside, the proposal is adopted.  If blocking, the proposal goes to the next planning group meeting for decision where it needs a 2/3 vote.   Notice of the vote should be sent to the entire planning group listserve.
C. Sensitive issues/endorsement of a controversial proposal
1. The structure document specifies that sensitive issues need one month from the introduction of the proposal to the decision.   The planning group will decide what is a sensitive issue.   The proposal should be submitted to the planning group listserve; members may submit their comments during this 30-day period and are encouraged to participate in the first planning group after this 30-day period ends.  The decision will be made by a 2/3 vote though consensus is encouraged to avoid splits among various parts of UJP.
2. Any planning committee member may call an emergency meeting of the planning group, if the request is seconded by another member.  A quorum must be present at the emergency meeting to make a decision.
D. Notes
Voting -- the structure document defines who can vote.  Only previously designated representatives of community groups, task forces, and peace and justice organizations that belong to UJP can vote.  They must have attended one out of 3 previous planning group meetings.  These official representatives are listed on the web page and updated regularly.  To the best of their ability a voting member of the planning committee is to represent the community group, task force or peace and justice organization that they represent when making decisions and voting.
Quorum -- a quorum on the planning committee is a majority of qualified voting members.
Donation -- a financial contribution accompanying an endorsement will be considered on a base-by-case basis.

Task Forces -- A task force or committee may independently make endorsements but the endorsement may not contradict the principles of UJP.