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Local Reports

Local Reports

AFSC (Cambridge) -- Working on a written description of peace activist careers for career fairs. Also talking to Selective Service about changing language in their publicity materials. "Threatened" to put anti-military posters up next to their pro ones. Publicizing ubiquitous marine recruitment videos. Also publicizing a big tractor trailer that goes around the country doing science ed. programs in high schools, with a segment on patriotism stuck in. Finally, have made an FOIA request to Pentagon for recruiters' schedule.


Cambridge -- Passed out opt-out materials to students. Schools were unaware of it. Tried to get schools to put it on line but they refused.


Chelsea (Chelsea Uniting Against War) -- At next meeting (May) will try to launch a campaign against JROTC which is coming to Chelsea HS in the fall. Also developing more literature on the war and CR.


Dorchester (Dorchester People for Peace) -- Working with 2 teen organizations, Teen Empowerment and Hip Hop, and recruiting high school students to do the leg work in the HS and make sure principals comply with opt out (follow-up at several schools has found that many principals have not sent opt-out cards into the school department).


Gloucester/Rockport/Salem (North Shore Coalition for Peace and Justice) -- Have been in touch with Amnesty International Chapter in Gloucester High School. They are planning to meet to discuss the opt out materials and to set up a visit to the school from IVAW groups, MFSO, VFP, etc. Probably will set up visit for the fall 2005 É Have talked to the principal of Rockport High and Middle Schools. He is sending out letters and opt-out forms to all high school students and families. He also is interested in a group coming to the school in the fall to speak to students about alternative to the military recruitment É Working with a UU minister/North Shore member, attempting to network with several persons in Salem through churches and Salem State College. Plan on contacting Salem and trying to arrange a meeting with the high school as well.


Lawrence (Merrimack Valley People for Peace) -- At next meeting (May 5) will plan the start of counter-recruitment campaign.


Lowell (Greater Lowell for Peace and Justice) -- Got school superintendent to get opt-out information in the school handbook for next year. Talked to school committee member who will help us get on School Committee meeting agenda soon about access to Lowell High School. Targeted a charter school and found some interest É At Chelmsford HS, contacted principal who was very sympathetic and interested, but the head of Career Service wouldn't let us into the Career Fair. Leafleted cars in the parking lot.


Malden (Malden Area Communities at Work) -- Group recently revived around counter-recruitment work. Will table at "Malden Day" in May and will work with Chelsea on "Chelsea Day" action in June.


Roxbury Community College -- A group of RCC students have been very actively campaigning for some time. They are also planning a joint meeting with a group in Wilamantic, CT.


Somerville (Somerville Medford United for Peace and Justice) -- Have made first attempts to identify sympathetic teachers, but these have not gone well. Turned down by School Committee for access but will make direct appeal to Headmaster, possibly with ACLU assistance. Will also try new tactics of directly talking to students.