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Veterans for Peace at Boston Veterans Day Parade

by Michael Borkson - Boston, November 11, 2010

About 75 members of Boston's Smedley Butler Brigade of Veterans For Peace and anti-war supporters marched behind the Veterans Day Parade this year.   The march went from Boston Common to Government Center and then to a VFP speakout outside Faneuil Hall. The theme this year was "How is the war economy working for you?" 


The VFP contingent was cheered on by many spectators viewing the parade from the sidewalks.  Vets for Peace were forced again this year to march 300 yards behind the official Boston Veterans Day Parade. This has been a yearly confrontation between Vets For Peace and the official Boston Vets Day parade organizers. The police on motorcycles made VFP wait til the official parade was well past before allowing them to march. The official parade was composed of mainstream pro-war veterans groups who also included many active US military and high school junior ROTC teenage kids.


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