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Dorchester Day Parade - Peace Contingent

When: Sunday, June 7, 2009, 8:00 am
Where: Dorchester Lower Mills

Sunday, June 7, Dorchester Day Parade!  DPP will be marching again this year along with our friends and allied organizations. Our contingent will gather around Noon in Dorchester Lower Mills with the parade kick-off about 1pm. 

Our message will focus on ending the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, reducing the military budget and funding urgent needs at home in our neighborhoods and communities.  Thousands of marchers and parade watchers will see our banners and get our anti-war flyers! 

Please let us know if you will be marching with us by emailing or phoning 617-282-3783. 





Military Spending is Bankrupting Our Country

--Wars in Iraq and Afghanistan cost nearly $720 million a day

--The military budget almost doubled during the Bush Administration

--Total military spending is now approaching $1 trillion a year

--More than half of all US discretionary spending goes to the military

--Spending on schools, public services, housing and health are squeezed

--State and local governments are facing cuts and layoffs


Excessive Military Spending Doesn’t Make Us Safer

--We spend more on the military than the all the other counties combined

-- Tens of $billions are spent on costly and unnecessary weapons systems

-- The US maintains more than 800 foreign bases in over 100 countries


We Have a Choice!

A 25% reduction in military spending would save us as much as $250 billion for our communities, without compromising our security.  Now is the moment to demand a shift in our nation’s priorities toward needs at home, green jobs, renewable energy, affordable health care, education and veteran services.

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