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Boston Support Action For Anti-War Veterans' DC Protest

by Michael Borkson, Indymedia Boston

Boston, Mass. Dec. 16, 2010:
About 25 peace activists staged a picket and speakout in front of the JFK Federal Building in Boston to support anti-war veterans staging a mass civil disobedience in front of the White House in Wash. DC.

As a picket line paced the sidewalk under the watch of 2 Boston cops, speakers talked of the quagmire of the Afghan and Iraq wars-the cost in deaths of thousands of people, both civilian and military, as well as the destruction of social welfare and the economy at home.

Sponsoring organizations included UJP, WILPF, Committee For Peace and Human Rights, Masachusetts Peace Action, and Massachusetts Global Action.   The speaker in the first part of the video is Virginia Pratt of WILPF.

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