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"Faces of Remembrance" Should Remind Us to End the Wars

Operation: Home Ties' "Faces of Rememberance"
When: June 11-19, 2009 during regular operating hours
Where: Doric Hall of the State House, Second Floor

Faces of RememberanceThis past Wednesday an exhibit opened at the State House entitled “Faces of Remembrance.” The exhibit features a project undertaken by a local artist, Gina Johnson, who was inspired to bring a human face to each of the soldiers from Massachusetts who have died in Iraq and Afghanistan. To accomplish this, she created a detailed pencil portrait of each fallen soldier, illustrating over 115 moving portraits that are now on display for the public to witness.

The induction ceremony for the exhibit, hosted by Senators Murray and Donnelly on Wednesday, featured speeches by Governor Deval Patrick and Lt. Governor Tim Murray, and was attended by local politicians as well as family members of the soldiers being portrayed. All those who spoke throughout the ceremony expressed a strong sense of empathy and remorse for the many lives lost and the many families who have been devastated, but they did not address the underlying need to end the wars which have caused so much grief and pain. However, the exhibit speaks for itself as a powerful piece of art that is a creative and moving illustration of the real cost of war. It will be on display for visitors and the public to see for the next few weeks at Doric Hall.

We hope that those who witness this display will be moved to renew their commitment to working for a more peaceful world, where young people such as those remembered here, will not lose their lives in needless wars.

One way you can urge the State House to prevent the loss of more Massachusetts service members is to ask your representative to support legislation to bring the Massachusetts Guard home from war. The legislation currently proposed is “An Act Concerning the Governor’s Powers Over the Massachusetts National Guard Where Request for Federal Control is Not Supported by Federal Law." (House Docket # 4247) Call the State House switchboard (617-722-2000) and ask your Representative to support it today!


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