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Voicing Solidarity in the face of "hearings" on "Muslim terrorism"

Dear Congressman Ellison:

It is a small gesture, but we write to let you know that we stand with you in support of Muslim-Americans as you face an unfair and fear-driven assault on your civil rights. Your words ring true for us: like the isolation and imprisonment of Japanese-Americans in the 1940’s, the blacklisting of many liberal Jews in the 1950’s, and the exclusion of new immigrants in our current decade, the current assault “is contrary to the best of American values, and threatens our security….”

Our mentor and friend, the Reverend Willam Sloane Coffin wrote: “In our time all it takes for evil to flourish is for good men to be a little wrong and have a great deal of power, and for the vast majority of their fellow citizens to remain indifferent.” And Dr. King reminded us as he spoke to the evil of the Vietnam war: “There comes a time when silence is betrayal.”

Thank you for speaking up – clearly, gently and powerfully. We are all in this together. We stand with you, and we expect our elected representatives in Massachusetts to do the same.

In peace,

Steven and Linda Brion-Meisels

cc: Senator Scott Brown. Senator John Kerry, Representative Michael Capuano

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