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Six Mass Reps Support War Supplemental, Four Oppose

Dropping $Billion Bombs on IraqMassachusetts peace activists have been making many calls to Congress these days, urging our delegation to oppose the $100+ billion supplemental spending bill, which included $80 billion to continue the already costly, deadly, and disastrous U.S. military occupations of Iraq and Afghanistan. It sadly (but narrowly) passed this evening (226 v. 202 with 6 Not Voting).

Most of the NO votes came from Republicans who were opposed to the IMF funds and other smaller provisions of the bill. The 51 anti-war Representatives who opposed the supplemental in the initial vote in May were under great pressure to switch their votes today. But four members of the Massachusetts delegation maintained their opposition to this massive blank check for war.

Thanks to Reps. McGovern, Tsongas, Tierney, and Capuano for standing up and voting NO again, despite strong partisan pressures to switch their votes. Please call these Representatives (202-224-3121) to express your support and urge them to continue to demonstrate anti-war leadership in Congress!

Unfortunately, the remaining six Mass. Representatives -- Olver, Neal, Frank, Markey, Lynch, and Delahunt -- voted YES to approve the war supplemental and prolong the occupations. Please call them (202-224-3121) to express your disappointment and concern, and urge them to demonstrate their support for subsequent measures to bring these wars to a quick and complete end. (Reps. Neal, Markey, and Lynch could start by co-sponsoring H.R. 2404, Rep. Jim McGovern's exit strategy and oversight legislation on Afghanistan, which the rest of the delegation already supports.)

Here is a brief update on today's vote from the Associate Press:
House votes to fund wars in Iraq and Afghanistan (AP)

The House has narrowly approved a $106 billion bill to ensure financing for war operations in Iraq and Afghanistan over the coming months.

Passage of the bill comes over almost united opposition from Republicans, who objected to the inclusion of money in the legislation for an International Monetary Fund loan program for poor countries.

The vote was 226-202.

The measure contains about $80 billion to fund defense activities in Iraq and Afghanistan through the end of September. It also contains some $10 billion for foreign aid, $7.7 billion to combat the flu pandemic, and $1 billion in rebates for consumers who turn in their old cars for more fuel-efficient models.

The Senate is expected to take up the bill as early as this week.

Here is the Roll Call for MA:

1. Olver – YES
2. Neal – YES*
3. McGovern – NO
4. Frank – YES*
5. Tsongas – NO
6. Tierney – NO
7. Markey – YES*
8. Capuano – NO
9. Lynch – YES
10. Delahunt – YES*

*Indicates a change from their position on the previous war supplemental vote (May 14, 2009).

Full Roll Call at:
http://clerk. evs/2009/ roll348.xml

The Senate will next vote on the latest version of the war supplemental -- and their votes could come as early as tomorrow!

 So please make two more calls - to Senators Kennedy and Kerry (202-224-3121) - urging them to vote NO on nearly $100 billion more for war.

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