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Thousands Protest War in NYC

Antiwar Demonstration, NYC, 4-9-2011New York City, April 9 - 2 buses of anti-war activists traveled from Boston to New York yesterday to protest the US wars on Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan, and Libya. The protest was organized by the United National Anti-War Committee (
They joined with a huge turnout of an estimated 15,000 in New York. The rally started in Union Square with a diverse set of speakers, including many Muslim Americans speaking out for unity and an end to US government persecution. One of the featured speakers was former US Attorney General Ramsey Clark who is featured in the video link in this article.
On a sunny spring day, the spirited and vocal march wound its way down Broadway to Foley Square where New York city hall is. Thousands of onlookers saw the march, which brought out many New York City police-there were no observed incidents.
At Foley Square, more speakers voiced opposition to the US wars and opposition to anti-Islam persecution. Anti-war activist Cindy Sheehan spoke exhorting the crowd to occupy Lafayette Sq. in front of the White House just as Egyptians occupied Tehrir Square in Cairo. She also said a vote for Republicans or Democrats is a vote for war; her speech is featured in the video link here.
This New York protest may prove to be the kick-off to many peace actions this spring.



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