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Community Speakout on Jobs and the Economy

When: Wednesday, July 20, 2011, 3:00 pm
Where: Prince Hall • 24 Washington St • Dorchester

It’s no secret that our community is facing many challenges these days. Many people are out of work and have little hope of finding a job. Hundreds have been forced from their homes due to foreclosure. Tight budgets have closed schools and community centers, leaving our youth with few opportunities.

It’s time for change, and we need to speak out and take action on these and so many other issues that harm our neighborhoods.

Please join MassUniting to share your story. At 7:30 we'll take to the streets in support of neighbors who are facing foreclosure and eviction.

Big businesses and corporate CEOs may want to focus on spending cuts and tax breaks, but we know what the real issues are. Click here to invite your friends and neighbors to our Community Speakout.

Boston area peace activists will attend and make sure that cutting back on the War Budget is heard! Please meet at Prince Hall at 5:30 to help:
·         Hold a 40-foot banner comparing domestic spending to military spending; 
·         Pass out info to people attending the forum; 
·         Sign up and speak about how we can cut Pentagon spending to get the jobs and services we need. 

This event is sponsored by MassUniting, a coalition of Service Employees International Union and several Boston area community groups.









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