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UJP Task Force & Committee Contacts

Task Forces

The task forces are issue-oriented regional groups working to formulate regional actions around these goals.   Each task force has a web page listed here under "See Also".  To become a part of a task force, contact the following people:

Cole Harrison, Roslindale -
Rachel Williams, Groveland -

25% Solution (cutting the military budget)
Mike Prokosch
Susan Lees

Abolishing Nuclear Weapons
Guntram Mueller

Legislative Action
Shelagh Foreman

Ann Glick
Marilyn Levin

Stop the Biolab
Vicky Steinitz 

Standing Committees

The standing committees handle administrative and organizational tasks for UJP.

Fundraising and Administration:
Duncan McFarland

On Line Organizing (OOC) 
Web site, e-mail newsletters, listservs, Facebook presence for UJP, etc.
David Ascher