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Dorchester's Messages to Sen. Kerry

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These are the comments from postcard signers in Dorchester October 8, 2011.

We need Medicare and Medicaid, Social Security. Please do not cut any of the above. Remember you work for us!

Please work hard to stop Medicare cuts. As a senior we need all the help we can get.

The budget cut will effect the children of Boston, taking their education from them. They are our future. Health care is needed for all. We need not to cut middle class people, we need to go after the wealthy people whose income is above $250,000 a year. Need to think about housing for all.

Social support services are more important than military spending – we already spend more than the rest of the world on our defense. More equitable tax distribution – with the wealthy returning some of their incredible breaks of the last decade will help sustain our social networks.

Please spend our money on current needs. Let’s not keep bases open that seemed a good idea in the Cold War. Let’s live for the future: Health, environment, education.

Am concerned about great cuts in Medicare -- & the war. Spend money on healthcare in the US

Don’t cut when we want students in school.

For me I think the war must be stopped because it doesn’t bring any advantage and millions of people who are civilians suffer with the war.

Get out of Afghanistan

I wish that the government has spent more money to create jobs for people, keep Social Security untouched. We people are already dealing with so many problems caused by this bad economy, it is too much for us to have to handle more problems.

We need you to cut military spending & bring our troops home. We need more focus on creating jobs & fixing Social Security

Right now the economy is in a very tough state and there are better priorities (Food Stamps, Social Security, healthcare to name a few) that are going on in the world. War is not one. Please refocus all priorities in order of importance to put this economy back together

Should cut the war. We need more jobs. Don’t cut Medicare

I am a college student. I’ve lived in Boston all my life so I’m well aware of the deficit in neighborhoods such as Dorchester. The fact that we don’t get as much funding for things like education is disheartening. Since when did Military and war become more of a priority than education?

Education is very important. I myself have been very lucky to get the education I have, but my older siblings are not so lucky. They have lost job opportunities because of their lack of education. Don’t cut the state’s important education.

Don’t cut Medicare or libraries. We need jobs –
I work for Boston Public Library.

Please don’t cut education, healthcare and Social Security. This will affect us all, especially the elderly.


Help the environment
Help the poor

Please do not touch Social Security!!!

Don’t touch Mass Health Benefit or Social Security.
Don’t tax the poor so much.
Get the money from the rich.

The things that would concern me the most would be programs for children, and any programs that help the job market.

I feel we should protect the people first. Not government or republican fueled interest. I have four kids and can barely buy a cheeseburger comfortably with a full time job. Please care for the citizens & not the money.

Inequality in this country has been growing at an astronomical rate since the seventies; the income of the middle class has stayed the same while the richest 1% has gotten richer. Because of this disparity, America has been divided into two groups. As a member of the new Supercommittee, you must decide what side you are on: that of the wealthy, who seem to have no conscience or patriotic motives, or of the rest of the country, Make the right decision.

I’m eating but mostly garden produce and have some difficulty paying for produce. I won’t be able to heat my apartment, and I am doing well compared to others. I am 68, don’t balance the deficit on our backs.

Please keep social security out of play. FDR tried to protect it from exactly this kind of political interference.