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Messages to Sen. Kerry - Boston, Cambridge, Shrewsbury, other places

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After over a decade of Bush tax cuts, two immoral unfunded wars, and a Wall Street bailout for bankers of hundreds of billions of dollars – cutting Medicaid, Social Security and Medicare to close the deficit is a moral outrage. The rich need to pay more taxes – including for repatriating overseas profits. – As a pediatrician, I feel Medicaid cuts are a morally abject way to pay for rich people’s life styles with taking health care away from poor children.

-Boston, September 24
I realize that you have stiff opposition to new taxes. But I for one see them as community investments for our children. (and I am not the only one)
-Boston, September 24
Please use your powerful position on the supercommittee to advocate on behalf of real people (not “corporate person”) who are in need of a government that supports fairness and justice through strong education reform, Social Security and Medicare/Medicaid for the elderly, and the lower and middle classes. Restore tax fairness by making the rich pay as much in taxes that I do. Thank you for representing my interests and the interests of the powerless.
-Haverhill, September 24
As a Massachusetts Resident and as an American I urge you to consider the public and the social contract before cutting any programs that provide for the American people. Don’t balance the deficit on our backs. Represent us!
-Boston, September 24
I oppose cutting green energy incentives, Social Security, Medicare, and Medicaid in your efforts to trim the federal budget. I support raising taxes, cutting defense spending, and ending farm subsidies.
-Acton, September 24
No more cuts! Show some spine by raising taxes.
-Medford, September 24
Stop the burden on the poor. When did it become a crime to have less than one’s brother or sister. Tax the rich – this is a revenue crisis. Banks got bailed out, people are getting thrown out!
-Roxbury, September 30
Please work to protect the core programs that make this country great. Education, healthcare & social security are crucial. Our military budget is larger than the military budgets of the rest of the world combined.
Arlington, September 30
Please schedule public hearings so the public can tell you to End the wars, close the bases, tax the rich, fund education, housing, medicare.
Cambridge, September 30
Don’t cut Section 8 & public housing. I will be homeless! I contribute to my city and state. Do not let us down again!
Cambridge, September 30
I am very concerned – no OUTRAGED at all the bank bailouts, the cuts in essential services for the poor and underprivileged and the bloated military budget.
Let’s start to get things moving in the right direction.
Tax the rich and restore social programs and get the unemployed working again!
Shrewsbury, September 30
I am a young mother on disability. I don’t have any way of trying to get off of disability because of no jobs part time or full time. No one cares for the poor. I can’t survive. When will you care! If SSI is cut my family will be on the street! I can’t care for my family! Help us! They are going to cut housing subsidy! Food stamps! Help me help me!
Boston, September 30
I worked in the community for 25 years. Three yrs ago I was diagnosed with lymphoma. The chemo was so grueling that I had damaged my heart and ended up having heart valve replacement. If it was not for my benefits I don’t know where I would be today.
September 30, Boston
I’m single mom, no support or help from family or fathers. I live off 453$ a month while you are trying to cut benefits. I’m not pleased. I need more help not more burden!
September 30, Dorchester