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Messages to Sen. Kerry - Boston Common

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The following messages to Sen. Kerry were written by people at the Boston Common, September 21, 2011

I’ve only been alive for 20 years, but that has been long enough for me to lose my faith in our government. There are too many issues I’m concerned with to fit on this card. I think, though, the biggest problem with politics is politics itself. Nothing is getting done because politicians are too busy worrying about pleasing the people who fund their campaigns, rather than the needs of the American people who they are supposed to be representing. Politicians are like traders in investment banks, their views are for short-term success rather than long term American greatness.

A disappointed young American who is scared for his future

Please do not cut our social programs because I am a student and a veteran that is trying to become a doctor and a servant of public health. I want to give back to the community I’m in, but first it starts with an education. Please enhance out educational opportunities. It will only make out country stronger.

Medford, MA

I’m a community activist, grandmother, and former public school teacher. Because of my life and activities, it would be a tragedy, I think, to cut any of our social services and let the rich and corporations get their way.

Dorchester, MA

Please use your wisdom and power to insure the future of this country by being sure there are funds to educate, heal, and care for people who cannot afford to do it themselves. We must stop the expansion of our military presence around the world. It does not help.

Cambridge, MA

Please just do right by the people’s needs in today’s society, for we look to our elected leaders to understand the “lives” we lead and in some case the helpful hand we need to make those lives blessed in the truest sense of the word.

Lynn, MA

As a Massachusetts resident, I strongly support the allocation of spending to fund programs promoting peace, education, HIV services, and LGBT inclusion and rights. Thank you for making a stand for these issues.

Somerville, MA
I know you normally stand for the right thing. Stand for it now. I am a mother of five and grandmother of seven out of work and out of unemployment. Help us = Help the U.S.

Brookline, MA

I’ve served in Afghanistan. I lost a first cousin. End the war. Please.

Boston, MA