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Vets For Peace March In Boston Vets Day Parade--at the end

The Boston Smedley Butler Brigade of Veterans For Peace were forced again this
Veterans Day Nov. 11, 2011 to march after the end of the Boston "official" Vets Day Parade down Tremont St. in Boston(all because VFP is anti-war). The Vets for Peace were about 150 strong and got many cheers from onlookers.
The VFP also had a presence at the Tremont St. military recruiting center across the
street from the "official" parade reviewing stand--the VFP also stood on each side of
the reviewing stand with their white flags and anti-war signs. They marched to Faneuil
Hall where they held an anti-war speakout.
It was especially sad to see the Jr. ROTC high school kids marching in the official parade-
mostly poor kids in uniforms.
It was extremely windy and cold, so the short video I took had wind noises on my
camera microphone.


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