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Military Spending vs. Jobs, Health, Education & Environment

When: Saturday, January 28, 2012, 8:00 am to 12:00 pm
Where: First Baptist Church • 848 Beacon St (corner of Centre) • Newton Centre T (Green Line "D") • Newton

Massachusetts Peace Action Annual Meeting

Neta Crawford
Neta Crawford
Judith LeBlanc
Judith LeBlanc

Together we've accomplished a lot this year: U.S. troops out of Iraq, the military budget on the table for real, new alliances. But we have much to do in 2012, with Afghanistan, Korea, Iran, Senate and House elections, and the urgent need to move the money from military to domestic spending.

Each and all of us, together, can make a difference. Join two inspiring women, a scholar and an activist, to learn how.

Neta Crawford, co-director of Brown University’s Cost of War Project, will talk about the tragedy of American militarism and the cost in lives and dollars of the Iraq and Afghanistan wars.

Judith LeBlanc, National Organizer for Peace Action, will update us on Peace Action’s national campaign to Move the Money from the military to human needs and discuss building coalitions with human service, labor, and community groups.

Join Massachusetts Peace Action as we review our progress in 2011 and chart the path for our work in 2012. We’ll elect new board members, discuss plans for work towards a nuclear-free world, and learn organizing skills in workshops. See the detailed agenda.

Workshop topics  (more details):

• Bringing Peace issues into the 2012 Elections and Bird Dog Training
• Organizing Your Community to Move the Money
• What’s Behind the US-Iran War Scare?
• Making the Media Work for You

Refreshments will be served
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Massachusetts Peace Action

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