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No War on Iran Demonstration

When: Saturday, February 4, 2012, 8:00 am
Where: Park Street Station to Copley Square • Tremont & Park Streets • Park St T • Boston

No War on IranRally at Park Street, march to the Israeli Consulate, and end with a rally at Copley Square to demand No War on Iran!

Sponsor: Occupy Boston Action for Peace.   Info: 781-316-2018

Feb 4th: Day of Mass Action to Stop War on Iran

NO war NO sanctions NO intervention NO assassinations on Iran

In many ways, the U.S. war on Iran has already begun.

The U.S. government is shaping public opinion to accept military intervention in Iran in the name of “national security.” Fabricated stories that claim evidence of Iran pursuing nuclear weapons is being blasted through mainstream media and repeated by almost every mainstream politician.

The U.S. has authorized harsh economic sanctions that could literally destroy and devastate the lives of millions of Iranian civilians. In addition to the sanctions, there have been targeted assassinations of Iranian nuclear scientists and a U.S. surveillance drone was discovered in violation of Iranian sovereignty and airspace.

Iraq is devastated from decades of U.S. military intervention and sanctions that took the lives of hundreds of thousands of children, rounded up and tortured innocent people. The Iraq war led to 4.5 million people being driven from their homes. Afghanistan, the poorest country in the world is being destroyed by the richest. U.S. drones dropping bombs on civilians, striking fear and terror in the hearts of innocent people daily. Thousands of people remain in indefinite detention perhaps for the rest of their lives in Guantanamo and Bagram.

Let the whole world see that we will not let the U.S. rain death, destruction and devastation onto yet another country and further inflame a dire situation in the Middle East. One thing we know is that when people stand up together to resist the crimes of their government like the courageous protesters of the Arab Spring and Occupy, something beautiful can emerge.

NO war NO sanctions NO intervention NO assassinations


United National Anti-War Coalition (UNAC)

International Action Center (IAC)

SI! Solidarity with Iran

Refugee Apostolic Catholic Church

Workers World Party

World Can’t Wait


Women for Peace

American Iranian Friendship Committee ANSWER Coalition

Peace of the Action

St. Pete for Peace

WAMM, Women Against Military Madness

Defenders for Freedom, Justice & Equality-Virginia

WESPAC Foundation

Minnesota Peace Action Coalition

Twin Cities Peace Campaign

Bail Out The People Movement (BOPM)

We Won’t Fly

Movement for a Democratic Society (MDS)

Granny Peace Brigade

Veterans for Peace – NYC Chapter 034

Waco Friends of Peace

Malcolm X Center for Self Determination

Center for a Stateless Society

Libertarians for Peace

Gay Liberation Network, Chicago

Veterans for Peace, National

Shannon Watch, Ireland

Iowans for Diplomacy With Iran

Anti-War Committee,

Minnesota March Forward!

Peace Action New York State (PANYS)

Western Mass Coalition for Palestine

Midwest Anti-War Mobilization

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