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Senate Votes to Cut F-22 Spending

Yesterday, Tuesday July 21st, the Senate voted, with a tally of 58-40, to cut $1.75 billion in wasteful spending on F-22 fighter jets from the Defense Authorization Bill. This is a significant victory and one which could not have been reached without the help of those who wrote, called, emailed and faxed their senators refusing to put this issue to rest. Even our own Senator Kerry, who was expected to vote for the spending had a surprising and welcome change of heart and ultimately voted for the McCain/Levin amendment to cut the F-22 funds. Due to his health challenges, Senator Kennedy was not present to vote. The full roll call can be found here: A big thanks to everyone who worked to put pressure on Congress to defeat this unnecessary and inhumane weapons system.

However, our work does not end quite yet. While this was an important step we still have to ensure that the House and Senate work out the differences in their Defense Authorization bills “in conference” that they preserve the Senate cuts and that there are no other funds for F-22s in all other appropriations bills. Having seen the influence constituents and peace groups have had in this issue it is essential that we build on this momentum by now turning our attention to focus on House leadership, including chairs and appropriations committee members. You can use the Congressional Switchboard to reach your Representatives on Capitol Hill by calling: 202-225-3121.

Thanks to everyone who has been part of the growing campaign to cut spending on weapons and war; this was a small but significant victory on which to keep building our efforts to cut excessive Pentagon spending and instead invest federal funds in meeting human and environmental needs in our communities! To join this campaign, please check out UJP’s 25% Solution project at and contact Mass Peace Action (617.354.2169) if you would like some educational brochures to distribute in your community.

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