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Boston April Days of Action against Lethal and Surveillance Drones

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No DronesThe world is waking up to the Obama administration’s dangerous and illegal use of drones for expanding warfare by targeted assassinations, along with threats to our civil liberties and right to dissent by increasing drone surveillance by police agencies at home.

“April Days of Action”, a national campaign of counter-drone protests and teach-ins focused on drone bases, manufacturers and research and training centers, was called to alert the public and to challenge the escalating threat of drone warfare and spying.

Not only are lethal drones used in Afghanistan, Pakistan, Yemen and Somalia, but the US is using drones in Iran and Syria as preparation for possible military intervention.  We must stop these acts of war now!




Boston plans include:

Sat., April 13, 1-3:00 PM – PARK ST. RALLY, DIE-IN, MARCH THROUGH DOWNTOWN BOSTON.  (To participate in die-in, contact Susan McLucas,, 617-776-6524.)

Sat., April 26-28 – REGIONAL ANTI-DRONE CONFERENCE IN SYRACUSE AND MASS PROTEST AT HANCOCK REAPER DRONE AIR BASE.  (To sign up for transportation, contact UJP.  For more information:

On Sat., April 61 -2:00 PM - there was a DRONE "DEATH MARCH" AND VIGIL.

Women's International League for Peace and Freedon (WILPF) led a silent, single-file death march from Community Church, 565 Boylston Street, Copley Square to Park St. to join Committee for Peace and Human Rights weekly Park St. vigil 1-2:00 pm. 


Sponsors (in formation): EASTERN MASS. ANTI-DRONE NETWORK, United for Justice with Peace, United National Antiwar Coalition, Women’s International League for Peace and Freedom-Boston, Committee for Peace and Human Rights, Veterans For Peace – Smedley Butler Chapter, International Action Center

For further information on actions, to become a sponsor, or to join the anti-drone network, contact:  Boston: United for Justice with Peace,, 617-383-4857  National:  Syracuse: