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Boston Anti-Drone Protest

Boston Common-April 6, 2013:
Boston area anti-war activists held a protest against US unmanned drone warfare. This was a preliminary protest to prepare for the national day of anti-drone protests on sat. April 13, culminating with a mass protest in front of the White House in Washington DC on April 13
at 12 noon. There will also be another larger anti-drone protest in Boston outside Park St. T Station
on April 13th at 1pm.

Speakers talked about the many hundreds of people killed by US unmanned drones in the wars in Afghanistan and Pakistan; also the use of drones over Iran and plans to use drones domestically in US skies.

Speakers also talked about the cowardice of the US Air Force personnel- who control the deployment of drones over Afghanistan, Pakistan, and Iran thousands of miles away, from a base in the US--just seeing on a video screen people on the ground, most of who are non-combatants, and pushing a button to drop
drone bombs on them-never seeing the faces
of the men, women, and children they are bombing.

The Boston protest was organized by The Committee For Peace and Human Rights-Boston, who, since 1998, have held a weekly peace vigil on saturdays from 1-2pm on Boston Common, as well as Veterans for Peace, and WILPF-
Womens International League For Peace and Freedom.

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