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Afghanistan discussion

Last night Paul Fitzgerald and Liz Gould, authors of the new book Afghanistan's Untold Story, led an energetic, discussion of peace movement policy in the Afghanistan war on behalf of the UJP Afghanistan Task Force.

Their view is that the Taliban was started by the CIA and the Pakistani ISS, and is still funded and directed by the ISS, itself in turn dependent on US funding.   Therefore, the US is fighting itself in Afghanistan, or rather, pretending to fight the Taliban while really promoting its eventual victory by its confusing and uncoordinated policy.

While agreeing that the US has never done a good job of nation-building in the last 30 years, they see no alternative to asking it to try again.  However, most of the UJP activists who were present disagree.   We do not think a policy which continues the presence of US troops in Afghanistan is a possible one for the peace movement to take.

I took away two policy ideas which were new to me:

* Defund the ISS and the Pakistan military

* Buy the opium crop

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