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No U.S. Attack on Syria - Park Street Rally

August 31, 2013

Cheers erupted from the assembled crowd of more than 100 when co-emcee Susan McLucas of the Committee on Human Rights said that President Obama had just announced that he would seek congressional approval before attacking Syria, "it gives us more time," she said.  The Committee on Human Rights has held a 1 PM weekly rally at Park Street for human rights since 1998. 

Speakers representing a wide range of groups, ranging from Women's International League for Peace and Freedom, Peace Action, Libertarians, Arlington United for Justice with Peace, American Friends Service Committee, the Syrian American Forum, Mass. Green-Rainbow Party, to Veterans For Peace-Smedley Butler Brigade (and other groups) made many of the same points:

The last thing we (and everyone else, especially the people of Syria) need is yet another U.S. waged war in the Middle East.  From the destruction of Iraq and Libya to the drone strikes in Pakistan, Yemen and Afghanistan, there have been millions of war victims during the past decade.  These wars have  had disastrous consequences at home by running up a deficit that has delivered congressionally-mandated sequester cuts to crucial social programs (Meals on Wheels, AIDS housing, Head Start, to list just a few).  We need to shift our priorities from war to our domestic needs, as the 91 cities and towns voted last 2012 for the Budget for All.  We need to address the growing effects of climate change.  We need our nation to comply with international laws, with treaties and with the U.N. Charter and to stop acting as a rogue global cop.  We need peace, freedom, social and economic justice, we need civil rights, human rights, civil liberties and an end to the surveillance state.  Each speech was puncuated with the refrain:  "Don't bomb Syria!"

Rally goers called upon the Massachusetts Congressional Delegation to oppose any U.S. attack on Syria, at the time of this report, only Rep. Michael Capuano is on record as opposing such an attack. 

Intermittent rain did not dampen spirits as the rally set off on a march to tell Secretary of State (former Senator) John Kerry to stop pushing yet another pointless, disastrous war. 

Rallies were being held around the world and around the U.S. to prevent an attack on Syria.  The President has provided a window of opportunity, over the next week we must all call our Senators and Congressional Representatives to tell them to listen to the 80% of the American people who are opposed to attacking yet another nation.  If the British Parliament could vote No! so can the U.S. Congress. 






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