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NSA Spying: Threat to our Democratic Freedoms

When: Wednesday, November 13, 2013, 2:30 pm
Where: Walpole Public Libary • 143 School St • Walpole

The Walpole Peace and Justice Group is sponsoring a talk by Kade Crockford on ‘NSA Spying: A Threat to our Democratic Freedoms.’ The ongoing revelations by whistleblowers show the massive scale of the spying and surveillance activities of the NSA and other government agencies.  Kade will speak about the range of spying and surveillance activities that have been revealed to date and why these are a threat to privacy and democratic freedoms.  

Kade Crockford is Principle Investigator and Manager of the Technology and Liberty Project at the ACLU of Massachusetts. Her work at the ACLU includes mobilizing an integrated advocacy team comprised of litigators, lobbyists, educators, and field organizers to develop and implement strategies for fighting the growing surveillance state in Massachusetts and nationwide. Kade developed and maintains the website, and has spoken out on privacy issues on local and national media outlets, including CBS radio, Fox News, and WBUR.

The talk will be in the Community Room at the Walpole Public Library, 143 School Street, Walpole, MA.

Philip Czachorowski

For the Walpole Peace and Justice Group


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