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It’s not extremism when US policies deserve condemnation

Boston Globe Letter to the Editors
JANUARY 20, 2014

I TAKE exception to Pavlos Papadopoulos’s characterization of what an “extremist worldview” is in regard to condemning the United States (“Where are the voices to counter anti-Americanism?”Letters, Jan. 15).

The extremist worldview is the one that divides the world into them and us. The United States all too easily drops bombs or missiles from thousands of miles away on people who have been identified as enemies but who turn out to be wedding parties, as in Yemen in December. These killer policies urgently require condemnation.

A “we” perspective that recognizes our common humanity and the need for clean air and water, food, shelter, health care, and education is vital for the survival of this planet. If we want to stand up for democratic principles, this is a good place to start.

Thea Paneth


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