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Call for a Grand TAX DAY Mobilization


Call for a Grand TAX DAY Mobilization

Organizing meeting: Saturday, Feb. 22 @2pm

Encuentro 5 ~ 9 Hamilton Place, Suite 2A (Park St T)


Whatever the issues we are working on, we all have a stake in the raging budget debates going on in Washington. Tax Day in April offers us the opportunity to combine our efforts into a loud call for living wage jobs, vital public programs, tax fairness, an emergency transition to renewable energy, and an end to both mass incarceration and the stranglehold of war spending over our lives.


§  While the recent Budget Agreement in Washington may have provided two year relief from most of the harmful “sequester” cuts, funding for HUD rental housing, fuel assistance and other critical programs is still 14% below 2009 levels.  

§  Congress just cut $8 billion from Food Stamps and 1.6 million families from unemployment benefits. And long term pressures to cut Social Security, Medicare and other programs that help keep families afloat remain.   

§  The $2.2 trillion in deep cuts over 10 years imposed by the 2011 Budget Control Act (BCA) will resume in 2016, continuing to wreak havoc on the American people.

§  The Budget Agreement does not close one corporate tax loophole and adds not one penny in new tax revenue from the wealthiest 1%.

§  The Pentagon budget remains at over 50% of all discretionary spending and full funding continues for the war in Afghanistan.


And of course, if Republicans gain control of the Senate in November all bets are off.


We need to keep the heat on Congress to reject the “austerity agenda” promoted by Washington elites.  Massachusetts voted 3 to 1 to reject cuts, invest in jobs, and raise revenues by closing corporate loopholes, taxing the top 2%, and redirecting Pentagon spending to job creation .  Making tax cheats like GE, Apple, Bank of America pay their fair share would alone generate more than $90 billion each year—enough to restore domestic programs to their 2009 level! A redirection of 20% of the monstrous Pentagon budget provides well over $100 billion each year to invest in putting people to work at livable wages.


The Budget for All campaign hopes to work with your group to plan a major event the weekend before Tax Day (April 15) as part of national “Days of Action” called by tax justice, peace and human needs networks. We have invited Senator Warren, other elected officials, and union, religious and other community leaders to join those directly impacted by disastrous budget priorities.


Come to the Tax Day Action Organizing Meeting!

Saturday, February 22, 2014 at 2pm

Encuentro 5 ~ 9 Hamilton Place, Suite 2A (Park St T)

Budget for All!  617-354-2169

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