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Boston Protests New Iraq War

Boston Common-June 21, 2014:
About 150 anti-war activists held a protest against any renewed US war against the Iraqi people.
Sponsoring organizations included Mass. Peace Action, United For Justice With Peace, Veterans For Peace,
ANSWER, IAC, Committee For Peace and Human Rights, Women's International League For Peace and Freedom, AFSC.

Speakers related the 23 years of US war 
on Iraq, starting with the 1991 Gulf War under Bush, Sr., Clinton's economic sanctions and daily bombing of Iraq, Bush, Jr. attacking Iraq in 2003, and now Obama continuing
the US wars.Many passersby stopped and listened.
This Boston protest was part of many across the US. It was in addition to last wWdnesday's protest in Harvard
Square, Cambridge.
I took some video and photos.
No to all US military interventions anywhere,

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