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Boston Protest Against War On Gaza

 Boston, Mass.-July 19, 2014:

About 300 protesters turned out at Park St. in Boston  today July 19 to speak out against Israel's brutal attack on Gaza's Palestinians.
A very emotional and spirited protest with speakers on the plight of Palestinians, loud and energetic chants of "Free Free Palestine" and ending with a mock "die-in" with the names of some of the hundreds of Palestinians killed read aloud.
There was a small handful of pro US/pro Israel hecklers there which the Boston police seperated from our demonstration.
The protest today was sponsored by United for Justice with Peace and endorsed by a wide coalition of Boston activists-Jewish Voices For Peace, ANSWER, Boston IAC, Committee For Peace And Human Rights, UNAC, Mass. Peace Action, as well as many others. Here are the video and photo links that I took today:
Short 6 min. video:

End all ethnic and religious wars- live together in peace.

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