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Boston Protests New War On Iraq and Syria

Boston Common-Sept. 13, 2014: About 75 peace activists gathered at Park St. in Boston today to protest Obama's new phase of the long US war against Iraq (from 1991-the present). Also protesting US war against Syria. This was in response to Obama's announcement wed. of his re-invading Iraq to supposedly destroy ISIS, when in fact the many US invasions of Iraq created the civil wars there by destabilizing the Iraq government and placing US puppets in power.

Speakers from American Friends Service Committee, Mass. Peace Action, United For Justice With Peace, Chelsea Uniting Against War, Committee For Peace And Human Rights,Military Families Speak Out, Veterans For Peace, and others helped organize this protest. 
A good crowd of passersby stopped to listen and no pro-war hecklers.

The weekly sat. 1 pm anti-war vigil at Park Street in Boston organized by the Committee For Peace And Human Rights has become a focal point for many protests as the vigil heads into its 16th year in October.

Here are links to photos and video I took today:



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